A poem is a great addition to a toast, card or even gift. We have collected as many original poems here for you to view and use in cards, presents or for parties. We hope you find them a useful addition. Enjoy!

Best Wishes / Poems

Poems have so many uses,
All of which are great.
Browse through our wedding, birthday and holiday pages,
You'll find one that fits the date!

Bridal Shower Poems

Poems for the bridal shower may be a nice touch.

Wedding Poems

Be inspired by our wedding poems.

Marriage Poems

Poems about marriage can give you the extra special touch to any card or toast.

Christmas Poems
Christmas Poems

A Christmas Poem

While the world is wrapt in splendor with old Santa's fine display.
And the tinkle and the jingle of the bells on Christmas day
Makes some saddened hearts grow merry and some selfish persons give.
There's a class of persons stating that the Savior didn't live...
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Lots more Christmas Poems to read as well, perfect as an addition to any card or homemade gift.

Retirement Poems

When someone retires, poems are a nice way to show how much they mean to you.

Funny Birthday Poems

I love receiving a poem from a family or friend on my birthday that fully expresses their wishes for me on my birthday. Sometimes they are sweet and other times, they make me laugh outloud! Find the perfect birthday poem here.

Mom Poems

Find poems about mothers and for special days like Mothers Day here.

Fathers Day Poem

Looking for ways to express yourself on Fathers Day. Here you'll find fathers day poems as well as wishes, sayings and messages to celebrate your dad.

Funeral Poems

When someone you love passes away, allow our poems to aid in writing cards, messages or eulogies.

Loss Of A Pet Poem

You will find poems about pet loss that can help make dealing with pet loss a little easier.

I Miss You Poems

Find Poems written about missing loved ones.

Memorial Poems

The Mountains

I heard them talk of the mountains,
The kind and innocent folk:
Something troubled the fountains
The grief in my heart awoke...
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Looking for ways to say I still remember you and always will, allow Memorial Poems to help in your search.

Christian Poems

Morning Prayer

LET me to-day do something that shall take
A little sadness from the world's vast store,
And may I be so favored as to make
Of joy's too scanty sum a little more....
Read the remainder of Morning Prayer

If you are in search of more poems about God, faith or blessings then check out our other Christian Poems.

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