Mom Poems From Son

We all know most mother-son relationships are close, there is a special relationship between Moms and their sons. These mom poems were written by sons and they speak to that type of relationship.

May these poems warmed your heart and reminded you of that sweetness inside of every boy - young and old.

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  1. A Boy's Mother
    Poet: James Whitcomb Riley

    My mother she's so good to me,
    If I was good as I could be,
    I couldn't be as good-no, sir.-
    Can't any boy be good as her.

    She loves me when I'm glad er sad;
    She loves me when I'm good er bad;
    An', what's a funniest thing, she says
    She loves me when she punishes.

    I don't like her to punish me,-
    That don't hurt-but it hurts to see
    Her cryin'.-Nen I cry; an'nen
    We both cry an' be good again.

    She loves me when she cuts an' sews
    My little cloak an' Sund'y clothes;
    An' when my Pa comes home to tea,
    She loves him most as much as me.

    She laughs an' tells him all I said,
    An' grabs me up an' pats my head;
    An' I hug her, an' hug my Pa,
    An' love him purt' nigh as much as Ma.

  2. One In A Million
    Poet: George Cooper

    Here's to one in a million.
    The dearest, the best;
    Like the sun in the heavens.
    She outshines the rest!
    Don't frown when I tell you
    This toast beats all others.
    But here's one more toast, boys -
    A toast to OUR MOTHERS!

  3. Mother
    Poet: G. Newell Lovejoy

    God thought to give the sweetest thing in His almighty power
    To earth; and deeply pondering what it should be - one hour
    In fondest joy and love of heart outweighing every other,
    He moved the gates of Heaven apart and gave to earth - a mother!

  4. MY Mother!
    Poet: George W. Bethune

    I never call that gentle name,
    My mother! but I am again
    E'en as a child; the very same
    That prattled at thy knee; and fain
    Would I forget, in momentary joy.
    That I no more can be thy happy boy.

    I've lived through foreign lands to roam,
    And gazed on many a classic scene;
    But oft the thought of that dear home,
    Which once was ours, would intervene,
    And bid me close again my languid eye,
    To think of thee and those sweet days gone by.

    I've pored o'er many a yellow page
    Of ancient wisdom, and have won
    Perchance a scholar's name; yet sage
    Or poet ne'er have taught thy son
    Lessons so pure, so fraught with holy truth.
    As those his mother's faith shed o'er his youth.

  5. The Songs My Mother Sings
    Poet: Thomas O'Hagan

    Oh, sweet unto the heart is the song my mother sings
    As eventide is brooding on its dark and noiseless wings!
    Every note is charged with memory -
    Every memory bright with rays
    Of the golden hour of promise in the lap of childhood days.

    The orchard blooms anew, and each blossom scents the way,
    And I feel again the breath of eve among the new mown hay;
    While through the halls of memory in happy notes there rings
    All the life joys of the past in the songs my mother sings.
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