6 Time Poems

Make the most of your time each and every day. Let these time poems remind you how you spend your time can impact your life more than you realize.

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  1. Time To Me
    Poet: Unknown

    Time to me this truth hath taught,
    'Tis a truth that's worth revealing:
    More offend from want of thought
    Than from want of feeling.

    If advice we would convey.
    There's a time we should convey it;
    If we've but a word to say,
    There's a time in which to say it.

    Many a beauteous flower decays,
    Though we tend it e'er so much;
    Something secret on it preys,
    Which no human aid can touch.

    So in many a loving breast
    Lies some canker-grief concealed,
    That, if touched, is more oppressed,
    Left unto itself is healed!

    Oft, unknowingly, the tongue
    Touches on a chord so aching
    That a word or accent wrong
    Pains the heart almost to breaking.

    Many a tear of wounded pride,
    Many a fault of human blindness,
    Has been soothed or turned aside
    By a quiet voice of kindness.

    Time to me this truth hath taught,
    'Tis a truth that's worth revealing:
    More offend from want of thought
    Than from want of feeling.

  2. Minutes Of Gold
    Poet: Unknown

    Two or three minutes - two or three hours.
    What do they mean in this life of ours?
    Not very much if but counted as time.
    But minutes of gold and hours sublime
    If only we'll use them once in a while
    To make someone happy - make someone smile.
    A minute may dry a little lad's tears.
    An hour sweep aside trouble of years;
    Minutes of my time may bring to an end
    Hopelessness somewhere. and bring me a friend.

  3. Best Of Times
    Poet: Mrs. L. C. Whiton

    There is a good time coming, boys;
    And many a one has passed;
    For each has had his own good time,
    And will have to the last.
    Then, do thy work, while lingers youth
    With freshness on its brow,
    Still mindful of life's greatest truth,
    The best of times is now.

  4. Time we all have the same amount Use it wisely on what truly counts.

  5. The Same Amount
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Time we all have the same amount
    Use it wisely on what truly counts.
    Twenty-four hours in a day
    For you to use in your own way.

    If not used wisely you will find
    The hours tick by as the clock unwinds
    The minutes pass quickly in each hour
    And before you know it, your day is devoured.

    Time - appreciate it each day
    Because before you know it you'll be gray
    Time passes quickly we don't realize
    Don't wait for tomorrow for a thing to materialize.

  6. How to Tell The Time
    Poet: William Wallace Whitelock

    I've just learned how to tell the time;
    My mother teached me to,
    AnJ ef you think you'd like to learn,
    I guess I might teach you.
    At first, though, it's as hard as fun,
    An' makes you twist an' turn,
    An' mother says that they is folks,
    Big folks, what never learn.

    You stan' before the clock, jus' so,
    An' start right at the top;
    That's twelve o'clock, an' when you reach
    The little hand, you stop;
    Now, that's the hour, but you've got
    To watch what you're about,
    Because the hardest part's to come
    To find the minutes out.

    You go right back again, to where
    You started from, an' see
    How far the minute hand's away,
    Like this - you Ye watching me? -
    An' when you've found the minute hand,
    You multiply by five,
    An' then you've got the time of day,
    As sure as you're alive.

    They's folks, I know, what says that they
    Don't have to count that way.
    That they can tell by jus' a glance
    At any time of day;
    But I don't believe no fibs like that,
    Because if that was true,
    My ma would know it, but she showed
    Me like I'm showing you.

  7. Down Brakes!
    Poet: John Kendrick Bangs

    Now don't go pushing Time too fast!
    Why should you wish your days to hum?
    You'll find youth all too soon has passed,
    And hoary-headed age hath come.

    Let days run slow as e'er they please,
    And thank your stars they linger on.
    Who lives too quickly seldom sees
    Their sweetness till, alas, they're gone!

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