6 Wish Poems

Let these wish poems inspire you to dream and wish but also to take action. A wish is a wonderful thing to have if we take that wish and turn it into a goal, a determination, and a purpose for our lives. Turn your wishes into goals and take the action needed to make them come true. A wish is only a wish - but with determination and a purpose you can take it to the next step and you may find your wishes becoming a reality!

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    In our lives, we do a lot of wishing over the years but what we really need to do is be an example of the change that needs to happen in this world.
    This poem talks about this very thing and is a great way to share these views with the world.

  1. Wishing
    Poet: Ella Wheeler Wilcox

    Do you wish the world were better?
    Let me tell you what to do.
    Set a watch upon your actions,
    Keep them always straight and true.
    Rid your mind of selfish motives,
    Let your thoughts be clean and high.
    You can make a little Eden
    Of the sphere you occupy.

    Do you wish the world were wiser?
    Well, suppose you make a start,
    By accumulating wisdom
    In the scrapbook of your heart;
    Do not waste one page on folly;
    Live to learn, and learn to live.
    If you want to give men knowledge
    You must get it, ere you give.

    Do you wish the world were happy?
    Then remember day by day
    Just to scatter seeds of kindness
    As you pass along the way,
    For the pleasures of the many
    May be ofttimes traced to one.
    As the hand that plants an acorn
    Shelters armies from the sun.

  2. We can wish and wish and nothing will happen. But as the Poet suggests when we take our wishes and
    concentrate on making them come true (perhaps by setting goals and taking action) our wishes can come true!

  3. Realized Wishes
    Poet: Winifred Brachlow

    At first I used to wish and wish
    For things I never got.
    But now I've turned my wishing
    Into Concentrated Thought;
    And would you really think it!
    My wishes all come true;
    Until I've only one wish left
    I wish the same for you.

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    This famous Poet, Edgar A. Guest, expresses things that may happen in life but at the end of the day
    his wish is to feel that he is part of God's plan and he will do the best he can!

  5. A Wish
    Poet: Edgar A. Guest

    I may suffer,
    But I will not whine.
    This would I make
    A creed of mine;
    I may not win.
    The goal I crave,
    But failing, I
    Will still be brave.

    I'll do my best.
    And give my all
    Unto each task.
    Then if I fall.
    Battered and bruised,
    My way I'll take;
    Excuses though
    I will not make.

    And whether up
    Or down I go,
    I wish to feel
    'Twas ordered so.
    That what I am
    Is God's great plan;
    But I won't fail
    To be a man.

  6. This poem contains a wish of peace for another!
  7. Peace Be Around Thee
    Poet: Unknown

    Peace be around thee, wherever thou revest;
    May life be for thee one summer's day;
    And all that thou wish, and all that thou lovest.
    Come smiling around thy summer way.
    If sorrow e'er this calm should break,
    May even thy tears pass off so lightly,
    Like spring showers, they will only make
    The smiles that follow shine more brightly.

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  8. Although this was written about Theodore Roosevelt, it could apply to any one of us.
    If all we did was wish and hope we would not achieve much.
    But if we approach life with purpose and determination we would find our wishes coming true.
  9. Difference Between Wishers and Doers
    by Orison Swett Marden

    There is an infinite distance between the wishers and the doers.
    A mere desire is lukewarm water,
    which never will take a train to its destination;
    the purpose must boil,
    must be made into live steam to do the work.

    Who would ever have heard of Theodore Roosevelt
    outside of his immediate community if he had
    only half committed himself to what he had undertaken,
    if he had brought only a part of himself to his task?

    The great secret of his career has been
    that he has flung his whole life, not a part of it,
    with all the determination and energy and power he could muster,
    into everything he has undertaken.
    No dillydallying, no faint-hearted efforts,
    no lukewarm purpose for him!

    Every life of power must have a great master purpose
    which takes precedence of all other motives,
    a supreme principle which is so commanding
    and so imperative in its demands for recognition
    and exercise that there can be no mistaking its call.

    Without this the water of energy will never reach the boiling point,
    the life train will not get anywhere.
    The man with a vigorous purpose is a positive, constructive, creative, force.

  10. There is an infinite distance between the wishers and the doers.
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  11. I Wish
    Poet: Charles M. Dickinson

    If we knew the woe and heartache
    Waiting for us down the road,
    If our lips could taste the wormwood,
    If our backs could feel the load,

    Would we waste the day in wishing
    For a time that ne'er can be?
    Would we wait with such impatience
    For our ships to come from sea?

    I wish not a life for my dear ones,
    All radiant, as others have done,
    But that life may have just enough shadow
    To temper the glare of the sun.

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