31 Funny Poems

We hope these funny poems make you smile and laugh. They discuss life's quirks and find humor in everyday moments.

From the misadventures of a Wednesday morning to the challenges of worry and the joys of getting older, these poems remind us to laugh and let go of our anxieties, plus approach life with a positive attitude.

May these verses bring a smile to your faces and encourage you to see the lighter side of things.

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  1. Wednesday Morn
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    On a Wednesday morn, so ordinary and bland,
    I woke up to find my socks in a knot,
    In a frantic rush, I stumbled and tripped,
    Oh, Wednesday, you've got me in a tight spot!

    The coffee machine hissed and sputtered,
    As if it knew my desperate plight,
    But with a jolt, it finally woke up,
    And blessed me with caffeine's mighty might.

    Off to school, I trudged with a sigh,
    Wednesday, you're the hump day we all dread.
    But as the day unfolded its silly surprises,
    I realized it wasn't so bad, as everyone said.

    So here's to you, Wednesday, a quirky friend,
    With mishaps and giggles to share.
    You remind us to laugh at life's quirks,
    And keep us on our toes, if you dare!

  2. The Name Of The Game
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Positivity is the name of the game
    No need for sadness, it's such a shame
    Put on a smile, let out a laugh
    Life's too short to be down in the bath.

    Think happy thoughts, and spread some cheer
    The world is often dark, but never fear
    With optimism as your friend and guide
    The future will surely be bright and wide.

  3. Your Birthday
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Wrinkles and grey hair,
    The 30s are gone, it's not fair.
    But before you start feeling blue,
    remember the wisdom that comes with age, too.

    You've gained life experience and wit,
    and with each birthday your value doesn't quit.
    So don't despair, embrace the years ahead,
    Age is just a number, be inspired instead.

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  5. Be Happy
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    All the time, I try to be happy
    Though sometimes I can get quite sappy
    I dance in my socks, sing out of tune
    And I howl at the moon like a loon

    I don't care if people think I'm strange
    I stop and laugh and just rearrange
    My thoughts, my life – everything's fine
    Because happiness is always mine

  6. Home Sweet Home
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Home sweet home, my favorite place
    Where often I gaze and see my face
    My humble abode with flaws galore
    With furniture that shakes to the floor

    The walls are thin, the roof ajar
    My bathroom is small like a glass jar
    But every day I thank my lucky stars
    For this safe haven, without prison bars.

  7. Year By Year
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Growing older, year by year,
    Our bodies creak and limbs appear.
    But who cares if we're getting old,
    As long as we have stories to be told.

    Our hair may gray and skin may sag,
    But life's adventures will always drag,
    Us kicking and screaming, "not so fast!",
    Our spirits forever young and steadfast.

  8. Monday Mornings
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Monday mornings, filled with dread,
    Dragging myself out of bed,
    Off to work, I trudge and moan,
    But wait, it's better than being alone!

    At least I have a purpose here today,
    Contributing to society in some small way,
    Sure, the coffee's weak, and the boss is a clown,
    But let's face it, without this job, I'd just sit around.

  9. The Years Together
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Over the years we've been married,
    I know your quirks, I'm not worried.
    You leave your socks on the floor,
    And snore like never before.

    But through it all, I still adore
    The way you make me laugh and more.
    Our love may be a bit absurd,
    But together we can conquer the world.

  10. Worry, Oh Worry
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Worry, oh worry, why do you exist?
    You make my mind spin, twist and insist
    That problems lurk 'round every bend
    But what good does anxiety send?

    It solves no issue, no matter how grand
    Just zaps my energy like a quicksand
    So let's toss the fear and stress away
    And live our lives in a carefree way!

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  12. Our Wedding Day
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    On our wedding day, we said "I do"
    But my groom's bow tie became askew
    As we walked down the aisle with delight
    He tripped and stumbled left and right.

    But at that moment it was clear to see
    Love can be clumsy, imperfectly
    And even if life falls off track
    Together we'll always have each other's back.

  13. Success Will Come
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    I had a dream to reach the top,
    Success was what I wanted to mop.
    But little did I know,
    Challenges would line up in a row.

    Just when I thought it was all easy-peasy,
    Life threw me a curveball that seemed cheesy.
    But I kept my chin up, and treaded on,
    And in the end, victory was won.

    So if you want to achieve success,
    Be prepared for challenges to come no less.
    But laugh them off, and keep pushing through,
    And one day, success will come to you.

  14. Day After Day
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Retire, retire, the end of work is nigh,
    No more early mornings or endless supply,
    Of tasks and emails and endless charts,
    Now it's time to relax and follow your heart.

    You can golf or garden, or learn to paint,
    Or just spend your days in quiet restraint.
    Whatever you do, don't forget to play,
    And enjoy retirement, day after day!

  15. As We Age
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Life is like a rollercoaster ride
    As we age, it feels like time flies by
    Birthdays come and go at lightning speed
    But let's not fret, there's still hope indeed

    For every wrinkle and silver hair,
    Is wisdom gained without much despair
    So embrace each year with a grin and glee,
    Laugh at the thought of aging, be carefree!

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  17. Cheers To All
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Graduation, oh joy, oh glee
    We made it through easily
    Thanks to all the caffeine and stress
    Now we can say we truly impress.

    Caps and gowns, we look so fine
    But we’re just glad we crossed the line
    To success and brighter days ahead
    Cheers to all, hats off, good grads!

  18. Life Is Too Short
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Life is too short to keep it bland,
    Come on, let's all raise a hand.
    We should eat that extra cake slice,
    and never take our time as the price.

    Let's dive in the pool and do cannonballs,
    Forget about fear and play bouncy balls.
    Go rock that outfit and strike a pose,
    Life is too short for us to just repose.

  19. It's Up To Us
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Life can be a joyful ride,
    Or feel like a constant slide,
    But in the end, it's up to us,
    To choose the attitude we'll trust.

    Will we frown and moan all day?
    Or smile and laugh life away?
    The choice is clear, my friends, you see,
    Be silly, happy, wild, and free!

  20. Anticipating Moments
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Anticipating moments, joy on display,
    Vacations and holidays, on the calendar they lay.
    But oh, the stress, like a mischievous elf,
    Tasks piling up, overwhelming oneself.

    A to-do list longer than Santa's nice scroll,
    Yet in the chaos, find humor's sweet stroll.
    Laugh at the chaos, it's part of the cheer,
    For joy and stress dance, at any time of year!

  21. Short Funny Poems

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  22. In the race of life, one day at a time,
    Find joy in the mundane, make each moment sublime.
    When the world gets heavy, laughter's your friend,
    A chuckle a day, keeps the worries to mend.

  23. Life is a dance floor, a rhythm to explore,
    With graceful moves or a two-left-feet galore.
    So kick off your shoes, let worries fade away,
    Just groove to the music, and enjoy the sway!

  24. I tried to count my blessings,
    But got lost in my socks,
    Turns out, the dryer's hiding
    All the matching pairs, what a paradox!

  25. Life never surprises me with its twists and turns,
    Ups and downs, laughter and lessons it churns.
    So buckle up tight, enjoy the wild ride,
    Embrace the chaos, with a smile by your side!

  26. I went for a run, full of motivation,
    But after two blocks, I needed a vacation,
    My jogging turned into a slow-paced stroll,
    Exercise, you tricky devil, you've taken its toll!

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  28. I attempted DIY, feeling oh so clever,
    But ended up with a mess, not quite ever,
    Glue on my hands, paint on my nose,
    Crafting skills, it seems, are my eternal foes!

  29. If I want to see it, life brings to me a big smile,
    For life's mishaps and quirks, I'll go the extra mile,
    With laughter as my armor, I'll conquer each day,
    Because funny moments and joy will always light my way!

  30. I tried to dance like nobody was watching,
    But turns out, they were all gawking,
    My moves were a mix of awkward and strange,
    A true spectacle, I should've stayed in my lane!

  31. I went on a trip, a grand adventure to explore,
    But my GPS had other plans in store,
    It took me in circles, left and right,
    Lost in a labyrinth, my sense of direction took flight!

  32. Life is a puzzle, a riddle to unfold,
    With missing pieces and stories untold.
    But piece by piece, we'll solve it with delight,
    Creating a masterpiece, full of colors so bright!

  33. Monday's blues? Well, let's make it a jest, Find humor in chaos, put worries to rest. So, embrace the absurdity, chuckle away, On this Monday, let laughter hold sway.

  34. I attempted to be a tech-savvy guru,
    But passwords and updates made me say, "Boo!"
    Buttons and settings, a maze to decode,
    Oh technology, you make me feel so old!

  35. I tried to tell a joke, a real knee-slapper,
    But the punchline escaped, like a sneaky trapper,
    Laughter filled the room, but not in my jest,
    Oh humor, you elusive friend, why must you test?

  36. Life's a comedy show, a hilarious play,
    With unexpected punchlines, making stress sway.
    So let's laugh at mishaps, dance in the rain,
    Embracing the funny moments, easing every strain!

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