7 Love Poems For Him

Share these love poems for him with the special man in your life. Poetry is a great way to express your feelings for him!

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  1. Secret Love
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    There is something I have always wanted to say,
    but was too afraid of your reaction.
    I love you more than words can say,
    You have always been my attraction.

    I know you are probably blown away right now,
    And don't know what you should say.
    I don't need you to say anything,
    And that is quite okay.

    The love I feel for you right now,
    Has been my secret for a while.
    The need to tell you felt like bursting out,
    Each and every time I saw your smile.

    Of course I am hoping and praying,
    That you feel the same way.
    If you do please come find me,
    You will certainly make my day.

  2. When On The Marge Of Evening
    Poet: Louise Imogen Guiney

    When on the marge of evening the last blue light is broken,
    And winds of dreamy odor are loosened from afar,
    Or when my lattice opens, before the lark hath spoken,
    On dim laburnum-blossoms, and morning's dying star,

    I think of thee (oh mine the more if other eyes be sleeping!)
    Whose greater noonday splendors the many share and see.
    While sacred and forever, some perfect law is keeping
    The late, the early twilight, alone and sweet for me.

  3. The Name
    Poet: Williamina Parrish

    I've learned to say it carelessly,
    So no one else can see
    By any little look or sign
    How dear it is to me.

    But, oh, the thrill, as though you kissed
    My tingling finger-tips
    Each time the golden syllables
    Fall lightly from my lips!

  4. thinking of you brings a smile to my face! I love you

  5. Why Leave You
    Poet: Amy Lowell

    When I go away from you
    The world beats dead
    Like a slackened drum.
    I call out for you against the jutted stars
    And shout into the ridges of the wind.
    Streets coming fast,
    One after the other,
    Wedge you away from me.
    And the lamps of the city prick my eyes
    So that I can no longer see your face.
    Why should I leave you,
    To wound myself upon the sharp edges of the night?

  6. Debts
    Poet: Jessie B, Rittenhouse

    My debt to you, Beloved,
    Is one I cannot pay
    In any coin of any realm
    On any reckoning day;

    For where is he shall figure
    The debt, when all is said,
    To one who makes you dream again
    When all the dreams were dead?

    Or where is the appraiser
    Who shall the claim compute
    Of one who makes you sing again
    When all the songs were mute ?

  7. That Day You Came
    Poet: Lizette Woodworth Reese

    Such special sweetness was about
    That day God sent you here,
    I knew the lavender was out,
    And it was mid of year.

    Their common way the great winds blew,
    The ships sailed out to sea;
    Yet ere that day was spent I knew
    Mine own had come to me.

    As after song some snatch of tune
    Lurks still in grass or bough.
    So, somewhat of the end o' June
    Lurks in each weather now.

    The young year sets the buds astir,
    The old year strips the trees;
    But ever in my lavender
    I hear the brawling bees.

  8. I See Eternal Sun
    Poet: Elise Pumpelly Cabot

    Find to-morrow's sun as yesterday;
    To-day is half begun. How shall I say
    I found to-morrow done, when yesterday
    Is yet but scarcely won, to-day at play,
    To-morrow not begun? And yet I may,
    For in thine eye, true one, as yesterday
    I see eternal sun. To-morrow's ray
    More bright the future won, and yesterday
    Fulfills to-day's own sun, so makes to-day
    To-morrow surely won, and yesterday
    To-day and every day a foretold day.

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