Now Is The Time Poem

A poem about now is the time to retire. Life moves like chapters in a book, with different times on our lives for different stages of life. Retirement is certainly a milestone. It opens up a completely new chapter. For many of us, it is a time we dream of, a time when we don't have to work every day.

But for some people, retirement means a continuation of work for different reasons. No longer happens does retirement mean you sit in a rocking chair and wait to die. Some people continue working sometimes in their own field and sometimes people still work but in completely different fields.

But the one thing that everyone has in common is we all write our own story. We all make memories and leave memories with others. We all have blessings that we need to appreciate and enjoy. So if now is the time for you to retire keep making memories!

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Retirement For You
Poet: C. A. Lynch

Now is the time for retirement for you
A time for you that is overdue.
You have worked, day in and day out,
To you, we want to give a shout.

Our lives are like books filled with stages
Each chapter is filled with different ages
Memories we make on this journey of life
Some are happy and some full of strife.

But this next chapter is a relaxing one
Days full of happiness and full of fun
May the days of your retirement bring
Memories to be made of happy things.

Hobbies to work on and learning new things
May your days be filled with many blessings.
The next chapter is a time
Don't listen to others, this is your prime.

This poem is so good at reminding us how each day is a blessing and how no matter the age or your season of life each day life isn't over until it is over. Growing older, retiring, or making a big change in your life does not mean we should sit back and just wait for the day we die. We aren't just "putting in time", we should be spending our time making every moment count, no matter the circumstances.

Now Is The Time
Poet: C. K. Smith

Some talk of happy days gone by
My happy days are now;
While memory brings past bright days nigh.
This day's good we allow.

Yes, each new day I try to make
Advance on yesterday
One day less of earth's road to take
Toward the heavenly way.

As day by day we walk that way
The road grows smooth the while;
The somber clouds and evening gray
May brilliant hopes beguile.

Thus we may happiness possess,
And happiness impart;
Making in life our troubles less.
With loving, hopeful heart.

Throughout our life, we will be taken in many different directions. Although we might feel like one section of our life may seem less important, it's a good reminder to all that every moment is important to your life, and memories will be made for us all to look back on as we age.

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