6 Funeral Poems To Say Goodbye

Saying goodbye is never easy. Use our funeral poems to say goodbye - hopefully, you will find words to express your thoughts about saying farewell to someone close to you.
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  1. Not Forever
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    I say goodbye but not forever
    As a day will come when we'll be together
    Thanks to Jesus who died for us all
    Death is not an end, it is not a fall.

    We may be apart for awhile
    But when I think of you in heaven I smile
    I can see you praising God each day
    As you loved Him in every way.

    I will miss you here on earth
    But in heaven, you have found new birth
    I will keep you in my heart
    Until the time we are no longer apart.

  2. Not Farewell
    Poet: Edwin Arnold

    "Farewell, friends! Yet not farewell:
    Where I am, ye, too, shall dwell.
    I am gone before your face
    A moment's time, a little space.
    When ye come where I have stepped.
    Ye will wonder why ye wept;
    Ye will know, by wise love taught,
    That here is all, and there is naught.
    Weep awhile, if ye are fain:
    Sunshine still must follow rain;
    Only not at death, - for death.
    Now I know, is that first breath
    Which our souls draw when we enter
    Life, which is of all life centre.

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  4. Farewell
    Poet: R. J.

    Farewell! since nevermore for thee
    The sun comes up our eastern skies.
    Less bright henceforth shall sunshine be
    To some fond hearts and saddened eye

    There are, who for thy last, long sleep.
    Shall sleep as sweetly nevermore;
    Shall weep because thou canst not weep.
    And grieve that all thy griefs are o'er.

  5. We'll Meet Again
    Poet: Caleb Davis Bradlee

    All true and noble, holy, pure,
    Patient and gentle, strong;
    In faith, and trust, and love secure,
    Our hearts did round thee throng!

    Ready for all, the cross to take,
    As counsellor and friend;
    All private aims thou didst forsake,
    Thy blessings to extend.

    The young looked up to thee with pride,
    At once gave up the heart;
    It mattered not what might betide,
    If thou didst peace impart.

    And parents gave unto thy care
    The little ones so dear,
    And knew full well that thou would'st share
    In every joy and fear.

    When thou wert sick, all hearts did ache,
    And prayers went up to God
    That He might spare thy life, and take
    Away the heavy rod.

    But God knew best, and now we weep,
    We see thy face no more!
    To Him who wakes thee out of sleep,
    We bow in solemn awe.

    All safe with Him, the God of all,
    In glory art thou crowned;
    And thou hast heard the final call,
    And angel robes hast found.

    Farewell! farewell! we'll meet again,
    Where all our cares shall cease;
    And we must say a sad amen!
    God, our faith increase!

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  7. We Remember The Joy
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    We've come together here to let you go,
    To say our goodbyes and watch you go.
    Though pain and sorrow we have our share,
    We remember all the joys you left us here.
    Your life a blessing for us all,
    We must take comfort in that as we move on.
    Each passing day another moment to cherish,
    Your love and laughter still with us now until forever.
    Farewell dear one, goodbye friend so true,
    Your legacy will now remain anew.

  8. Goodbyes are not forever, are not the end; it simply means I'll miss you until we meet again
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  9. Farewell We Say
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Farewell we say with heavy hearts
    Our lives shall follow different paths in life
    Although you are gone and left us behind
    Many memories will fill your absence tonight.

    Your smile brought sunshine to the darkest days
    Your gentle whispers eased our anxious minds
    But until we meet again in Heavenís door.
    We will remember all of the love that you bore.

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