7 Birthday Poems for Daughter

Our daughters are special people in our lives and as they celebrate a birthday use one of our poems to wish them a great day. It is amazing how fast our daughters grow and more awesome is watching them become the person that they are today. Their birthdays are certainly a day to be recognized and celebrated, no matter what age they are turning.

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  1. Dear Daughter
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    It feels like only yesterday you were born
    Now here you are all grown
    Celebrating another birthday
    No longer wanting to sit and play.

    Daughter I have watched you grow up
    I remember when you played with teacups
    A party you would have, you and your dolls
    I could hear you talking through the walls.

    Off to school, you did go
    Dressed in pink and yellow
    Many friends you did gain
    And good grades you did attain.

    Now here you are in your teenage years
    So excited and full of cheer
    I wish nothing but happiness
    To you, my daughter, have brought much bliss.

  2. Happy Birthday
    Poet: Samatha C. Ringle

    Happy birthday to our little girl
    You are so cute with your head of curls
    May you have a great birthday
    You're just the sweetest, we must say.

    We wish you a happy birthday
    Filled with laughter and everything gay
    To our life sunshine, you bring
    To us, you are a blessing.

  3. Our Treasure
    Poet: B. R. Clement

    You, our daughter, are such a treasure
    What you bring to our life no one can measure
    Happiness you are due
    May all your wishes come true

  4. Joy & Love
    Poet: Tom S. Gold

    A daughter brings joy and love
    And you, our daughter, we are so proud
    We thank God above
    For sending you to full of love.

    Your laughter and smiles fill
    Our hearts with happiness.
    When you were born we were thrilled
    You are everything we wished.

    So on this birthday, we say
    We love you and cherish you
    Today and tomorrow too
    We wish happiness for you.

  5. The Best Gift
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    The best gift I ever received
    Is you my daughter
    I was so pleased
    To have a sweet baby girl.

    Watching you grow up has been
    The joy of my life, I am so proud of you
    The person you have grown to be
    Makes me proud of all you do.

    May this day bring
    Smiles and sunshine
    And beautiful things.
    Happy Birthday my dear!

  6. A Daughter Is
    Poet: Tom S. Gold

    A daughter is,
    giggles and happiness,
    smiles and tears,
    growing so fast over the years.

    A daughter is
    thoughtful and loving
    caring and sweet
    bring happiness to all she does meet.

    A daughter is
    a gift from above
    one that God sent
    to share His love.

    A daughter is
    beautiful and kind
    helpful and sharing
    always willing to help those in a bind.

    All these things you are to us
    You will never know how much we love you
    Happy Birthday Daughter
    A blessing we pray for you!

  7. The Impact Of You
    Poet: B. R. Clement

    Daughter on this day remember this
    You make a difference in the lives of many
    We are so proud of the woman you have become
    We wouldn't trade you, not for any.

    The world is a better place because of you
    Your thoughtfulness and kindness
    Is appreciated more than you know.
    We couldn't have asked for a better daughter than you.

    May this birthday be one that
    You realize what an impact
    You have made on us and others
    We love you, that is a fact.

    So as you turn a year older
    May your dreams come true
    May life's journey be
    One that is good to you.

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