10 Poems About Age

Be encouraged by these poems about age. Age is one thing we all have in common. The difference is how we view age. Let these poems help you look at age in a positive and encouraging way.

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  1. The Years Pass
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Oh, how the years seem to pass,
    Faster than a bullet's blast,
    For before I knew it,
    Double digits have hit!

    I look back and wonder with great awe,
    Where did the time go, was it on a seesaw?
    Gone are those days of simple glee,
    But worry not, I'm still young and carefree!

  2. Crept Up On Me
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Middle age crept up on me,
    Like the sun rising in the east.
    But looking back now, I see,
    The wisdom it has unleashed.

    Experience earned, lessons learned,
    Pains and joys that never turned.
    Grateful am I for middle age,
    Bringing perspective to life's stage.

  3. Each Moment Matters
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    As a child, I yearned for years to pass,
    To grow up fast and leave youth behind with haste.
    But now I find myself looking back,
    Nostalgia drowning out my former lack.

    Despite this, age is no cause for fear,
    Each moment matters, each passing year.
    So let us live with enthusiasm unabashed,
    For life's wondrous journey should never be rushed.

  4. How We Feel
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Age is just a number,
    It's how we feel that matters.
    Our mind and body determine,
    If we're young or old like tatters.

    Let's not be constrained by years,
    Let's run, jump and dance without fear.
    Age is just a number, you see?
    We can be as young as we want to be!

  5. Cherish Your Youth
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Young and free, a time to explore,
    A moment in life that we can't ignore.
    Don't rush through it, don't wish it away,
    Enjoy it with gusto, every single day.

    Life is fleeting, youth even more so,
    Appreciate the present, before it's time to go.
    There's plenty of time for grown-up duties,
    So cherish your youth's moments and beauties.

  6. Gift Of Age
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In the graceful tapestry of life's stage,
    Where time unfolds each passing page,
    There lies a truth, both gentle and sage,
    A Christian's perspective on the gift of age.

    As years advance, like waves on the shore,
    Our spirits deepen, seeking God even more.
    For in the wrinkles etched upon our face,
    Reflections of His love, His abundant grace.

    Each wrinkle a testament, a story to tell,
    Of faithfulness through trials, where God did dwell.
    The lines of laughter, etched deep within,
    Proclaiming joy and blessings, despite life's din.

    In the autumn of life, when leaves turn gold,
    We find solace in promises, forever bold.
    For God, the Creator of heaven and earth,
    Is with us always, from our day of birth.

    With each passing year, our souls draw near,
    To the One who is constant, and holds us dear.
    In His loving arms, we find strength and peace,
    Guiding us through the years, worries released.

    So, let us embrace the passing of time,
    With hearts uplifted, in faith we will climb.
    For age is a gift, a chance to grow,
    Closer to our Savior, whose love we know.

    In this Christian journey, as we age and find,
    Our purpose and calling, in God's design.
    May we live with wisdom, grace, and love,
    Reflecting His light to those we speak of.

    For age is not a burden, but a divine quest,
    To live for Jesus, and trust in His rest.
    With grateful hearts, we face each new day,
    Knowing His love will guide our way.

    So, let us celebrate the gift of age,
    With gratitude and joy, let our spirits engage.
    For in His presence, we shall forever be,
    Living fully for Christ, throughout eternity.

  7. Age Is...
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Age is but a number,
    A measure of time that�s passed,
    A journey we all take.

    It�s not just about years,
    But the memories we make,
    The lessons we learn.

    It�s the wrinkles on our skin,
    The stories in our eyes,
    The wisdom in our hearts.

    So don�t be afraid of age,
    Embrace it with open arms,
    For it�s a blessing we�re given.

  8. So don�t be afraid of age, Embrace it with open arms, For it�s a blessing we�re given.

  9. A Point In Time
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Age is but a fleeting point in time,
    What truly matters is our life's design.
    Are we kind and making a positive impact?
    Or leaving behind a trail of negativity and lack?

    We must use our years wisely and with care,
    Spread love and joy, for all to share.
    To nurture and uplift, those in need,
    Is the true testament of a life well-lived indeed.

  10. Years Unfold
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In the realm of time, where years unfold,
    A number we hold, a story untold.
    For age is but a fleeting stream,
    That should not define our hopeful dream.

    Let not the digits weigh on our hearts,
    For youth resides in life's vibrant arts.
    With every breath, a chance to ignite,
    Passion's fire, burning ever bright.

    Embrace the wisdom that years bestow,
    Let age be but a river's gentle flow.
    In laughter's embrace, our spirits rise,
    As age dissolves beneath joy's clear skies.

    So let us cast aside our numbered years,
    And seek the beauty that each day endears.
    For life's true essence lies in our stride,
    Regardless of the age, we can't hide.

  11. Age Takes Its Place
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In the tapestry of life, age takes its place,
    A number that greets us with a smiling face.
    But it matters not how many years we hold,
    For age can't bind the stories yet untold.

    With every sunrise, a chance to explore,
    To try new things, and open up the door.
    No matter the digits, we hold the key,
    To help others, to set their spirits free.

    Let kindness be the legacy we create,
    A positive impact, no matter the date.
    In every act of love, we find our worth,
    As age becomes a vessel for rebirth.

    So let us embrace the power we possess,
    To inspire, to uplift, and to impress.
    For age is but a number, a mere disguise,
    As we illuminate lives with our gentle rise.
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