13 Poems about Love

Love makes the world go round! Let these poems about love remind you of that. Share these poems with the one you love. Never pass up an opportunity to tell someone how much you love and appreciate them!

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  1. Love I Cherish
    Poet: J. S. Ogilvie

    Worlds may pass away and perish,
    Every feeling die away.
    But the constant love I cherish,
    Never shall decay.

  2. Without Thee I Am All Unblest
    Poet: Unknown

    Afar from thee! 'Tis solitude,
    Though smiling crowds around me be,
    The kind, the beautiful, the good -
    For I can only think of thee;
    Of thee, the kindest, loveliest, best,
    My earliest and my only one;
    Without thee, I am all unblest,
    And wholly blest with thee alone.

    Afar from thee! The words of praise
    My listless ear unheeded greet;
    What sweetest seem'd in better days.
    Without thee seem'd no longer sweet;
    The dearest joy fame can bestow
    Is in thy moisten'd eye to see;
    And in thy cheeks' unusual glow,
    Thou deem'st me not unworthy thee.

    Afar from thee! The night is come,
    But slumbers from my pillow flee;
    I cannot rest so far from home.
    And my heart's home is love with thee.
    I kneel before the throne of prayer,
    And then I know that thou art nigh;
    For God, who seeth everywhere.
    Bends on us both His watchful eye.

    Together, in His loved embrace.
    No distance can our hearts divide;
    Forgotten quite the 'mediate space,
    I kneel thy kneeling form beside;
    My tranquil frame then sinks to sleep,
    But soars the spirit far and free;
    Oh welcome be night's slumbers deep!
    For then, dear love! I am with thee.

  3. Never Cease To Love
    Poet: J. S. Ogilvie

    Oh no! The heart, which is the seat
    Of love like mine, can never rove;
    Its faithful pulse may cease to beat.
    But never - never cease to love:

    For love is past the earths control
    And soaring as an ocean wave
    It is eternal as the soul.
    And lives and blooms beyond the grave.

    It is a link of pleasures chain,
    A never-ending token.
    Whose lustre and whose strength remain.
    When all save that are broken.

  4. Love Me At Last
    Poet: Alice Corbin

    Love me at last, or if you will not,
    Leave me;
    Hard words could never, as these half-words.
    Grieve me:
    Love me at last - or leave me.

    Love me at last, or let the last word uttered
    Be but your own;
    Love me, or leave me - as a cloud, a vapor.
    Or a bird flown.
    Love me at last - I am but sliding water
    Over a stone.

  5. It takes great love to stir the human heart To live beyond the others and apart.

  6. It Takes Great Love
    Poet: Charlotte Perkins Stetson

    It takes great love to stir the human heart
    To live beyond the others and apart.
    A love that is not shallow, is not small,
    Is not for one or two, but for them all.
    Love that can wound love for its higher need;
    Love that can leave love, though the heart may bleed;
    Love that can lose love, family and friend,
    Yet steadfastly live, loving, to the end.
    A love that asks no answer, that can live
    Moved by one burning, deathless force--to give.
    Love, strength, and courage; courage, strength, and love.
    The heroes of all time are built thereof.

  7. Love
    Poet: J. S. Ogilvie

    Love! What a volume in a word! an ocean in a tear!
    A seventh heaven in a glance! a whirlwind in a sigh!
    The lightning in a touch - a millennium  in a moment!
    What concentrated joy, or woe, in blest or blighted love!

  8. Indivisible
    Poet: Jane C. Simpson

    A moment face to face they stood,
    While soul met soul in honest eyes
    That trembling glowed through unshed tears,
    Born of a love that never dies.

    They met to speak the saddest word
    That e'er on human lips can dwell:
    But, O, the mockery to dream
    That such as these could take farewell!

    For as two roseate clouds unite,
    In wake of the departed sun,
    Their kindred essence pure and sweet,
    These twain had softly merged in one.

    They might be severed pole from pole,
    Might live through all the years apart;
    What mattered time and space to them
    Whose home was in each other's heart?
    He craved a tress of that fine gold
    Whose wavy wreaths her forehead graced;
    Bending to grant the boon, he clasped
    A zone of pearl about her waist.

    A moment more, and he was gone
    From sight, nought else. High heart and mind,
    Stronghold of tenderness and truth,
    Defied the hour, and stayed behind!

    The seasons rolled, and ne'er again
    Thus face to face 'twas theirs to stand;
    Yet heart to heart they walked the world
    On to the goal, the silent land.

    O gift of gifts! a noble soul
    That wraps our own in full embrace,
    Till all mean things in love's great sea
    Are lost, and self hath no more place.

  9. Love's Roses
    Poet: Kate Louise Wheeler

    When love woke from slumber,
    At the dawn of day,
    Roses without number
    Bloomed upon his way;

    But when noonday splendor
    With her sunlight stayed,
    Roses, young and tender,
    Soon began to fade.

    When the night winds sighing
    Round Loves portals play,
    Rose leaves, crushed and dying,
    Soon will blow away.

  10. Love Me For
    Poet: Elise Pumpelly Cabot

    Love me not for my sake alone,
    Love me for the sake of nothing that is known,
    Love me for thy sake and for my sake,
    and for what thou feelest.
    Though all things fail thee, still thou stealest
    The light of the soul.

  11. How Do I Love Thee
    Poet: Elizabeth Barrett Browning

    How do I love thee
    Let me count the ways.
    I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
    My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight....

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  12. Secret Love
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    There is something I have always wanted to say,
    but was too afraid of your reaction.
    I love you more than words can say,
    You have always been my attraction.....

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  13. Can I Forget Thee?
    Poet: Carolus

    Can the sun forget his rising?
    Or the moon her silver ray?
    Can the birds forget their praising?
    Can the wheels of time delay?

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  14. I Live To Love
    Poet: Effie May

    "I live to love," said a laughing girl.
    And she playfully tossed each flaxen curl.
    As she climbed on her loving father's knee,
    And snatched a kiss in her childish glee.

    "I live to love," said a maiden fair,
    As she twined a wreath for her sister's hair;
    They were bound by the cords of love together,
    And death alone could those sisters sever.

    "I live to love," said a gay young bride.
    Her loved one standing by her side;
    Her life told again what her lips had spoken.
    And ne'er was the link of affection broken.

    "I live to love," said a mother kind
    "I would live a guide to the infant mind."
    Her precepts and example given,
    Guided her children home to heaven.

    "I shall live to love," said a fading form,
    And her eye was bright, and her cheek grew warm,
    As she thought in the blissful world on high
    She would live to love, and never die.

    And ever thus in this lower world
    Should the banner of Love be wide unfurled;
    And when we meet in the world above.
    May we love to live, and live to love!

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