29 Memorial Poems

When someone we love passes we look to find ways to express ourselves and finding memorial poems for a funeral or a sympathy card can sometimes be difficult if you are looking for something that speaks about the deceased.

Poems to remember and celebrate the life of someone who will be remembered by you and other. Allow these memorial poems to help you find the words you need to express the way you are feeling or to help someone else deal with the grief they are feeling. Memorial poems are best when written with some knowledge of the deceased but sometimes you can find some generic memorial poems that speak right to you.

Think of memorial poems as a way to reach out with loving memories. Another way for memorial poems to be effective is for them to discuss where the loved one is now. If they were a believer in God, memorial poems can be a great way to remind them that this loving person is not gone forever, just for now.

However you decide to use, find or write your memorial poems, we hope this page is helpful now and in the future for each of your memorial poems needs.

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  1. Forever In Our Memory
    Poet: Unknown

    Just a thought of sweet remembrance,
    Just a memory fond and true;
    Just the love of sweet devotion
    Of the ones who think of you.
    No one knows how much we miss you;
    No one knows the tears we shed.
    But in Heaven, we hope to meet you,
    Where no farewell words are said.

  2. Too Pure
    Poet: Unknown

    No stain was on her little heart;
    Sin had not entered there.
    And innocence slept sweetly on,
    That pale white brow so fair.
    She was too pure for this cold earth,
    Too beautiful to stay.
    And so God�s Holy Angel bore,
    Our darling one away.
    We loved her while we had her,
    We tried so hard to save;
    No spot on earth is dearer now,
    Than our darling�s little grave.

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  4. For My Wife
    Poet: Unknown

    The month of December again is here,
    To me the saddest of the year;
    For it was on this December day,
    That my dear wife passed away.
    I never will forget you, wife,
    While in this life I stay;
    My heart has never been the same,
    Since you have passed away.
    We do not know the pain you bore,
    We did not see you die;
    We only knew you passed away,
    And could not say good-bye.

  5. God's Garden
    Poet: Louis C. Yoos

    She is blooming in God�s garden,
    Among the lilies fair;
    God saw she was too good on earth,
    So He transplanted her up there.
    Can I help but feel so lonely,
    When her voice I do not hear;
    For no words were ever sweeter
    Then the words of mother dear.
    Though I see your face so sweetly near,
    With tender love alight,
    I think I hear you say,
    I am over here,
    Have faith, all will be right.

  6. She is blooming in God's garden, Among the lillies fair; God saw she was too good on earth, So He transplanted her up there.
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  7. Heaven Can Heal
    Poet: Unknown

    Earth has no sorrows that heaven cannot heal.
    I think of her in silence, no eye can see me weep.
    But many silent tears are shed when others are asleep.
    What would I give to clasp her hand, Her happy face to see.
    To hear her voice and see her smile that meant so much to me.
    The years may wipe out many things, but this they wipe out never.
    The memory of those happy days when we were all together.

  8. Book Of Life
    Poet: Unknown

    We may write our names in albums,
    We may trace them in the sand;
    We may chisel them in marble
    With a firm and skillful hand.
    But these pages soon are sullied,
    Soon each name will fade away;
    Ever monument will crumble,
    As all earthly hopes decay.
    But mother dear, there is an album,
    Filled with leaves of snowy white,
    Where no name is ever tarnished,
    But forever pure and bright.
    In the book of life,
    God�s album,
    I know your name is wrote with care,
    And may all who read this
    Write their names forever there.

  9. Rest in peach, thy work is done

  10. Rest In Peace
    Poet: Unknown

    Rest in peace, thy cares are ended.
    Rest in peace, thy work is done.
    Thou art gone where those who loved you.
    Soon are coming, one by one.

  11. Keep Her Jesus
    Poet: Unknown

    Keep her Jesus, in they keeping
    Till I reach that shining shore.
    Then, O Master, let me have her,
    Love and keep her as before.
    Her face my mind will ever see,
    Forgotten she will never be.

  12. Gone But Not Forgotten
    Poet: Unknown

    Gone but not forgotten.
    How I miss you, miss you more than I can tell;
    Every hour and day that passes
    Brings me nearer you to dwell;
    Friends may think I'll soon forget you
    And my wounded heart be healed,
    But they little know the sorrow
    That is within my heart concealed.

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  14. My Pet
    Poet: Unknown

    Oh, could I see my pet once more,
    And hold him on my knee.
    And feel his loving kiss on my hand,
    How happy would I be.

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  16. My Mother
    Poet: Unknown

    A wonderful mother, woman, and aid,
    One who was better,
    God perfectly made.
    A wonderful worker, so loyal and true.
    One in a million, that mother was you.

  17. Dear Mother
    Poet: Unknown

    Gone to the light that shines so fair;
    Gone from the earth of sorrow and care.
    Resting those hands that did their best;
    Gone, dear mother, gone to rest.

  18. Eternal Rest
    Poet: Unknown

    In the home of fadeless beauty,
    You are now a shining start,
    Dwelling in the Holy City
    With the gates of gold ajar.
    For us, he always did his best,
    So, God, grant him eternal rest.

  19. Loved One
    Poet: Unknown

    A rose that is sweetest and fairest.
    In the end, is killed by frost.
    But the flower that was dearest and rarest
    Is the loved one that we have lost.

  20. How I loved you and how I miss you, No one but God in Heaven knows.

  21. Miss You
    Poet: Unknown

    Our hearts today are sad and lonely,
    And our thoughts are always of you;
    How I loved you and how I miss you,
    No one but God in Heaven knows.

  22. Wonderful Mother
    Poet: Unknown

    Just in your judgment, always right.
    Honest and liberal, ever upright.
    Loved by your friends and all who you knew.
    Our wonderful mother, that mother was you.

  23. Farewell Father
    Poet: Unknown

    Farewell, alas, our father, dear;
    Thy form lies cold and still;
    Thy death has caused a vacant place,
    This world can never fill.

  24. God Called You Away
    Poet: E. H.

    The grief I suffered at your loss,
    When God called you away,
    Though its been one year ago
    It remains as fresh as though �twas yesterday.
    If I could have my dearest wish fulfilled
    And take my choice of all earth�s treasures too.
    Or choose from Heaven whatsoever I will,
    I would ask for you.

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  26. Perpetual Light Shine
    Poet: Unknown

    We saw his sufferings and heard his sighs,
    With throbbing hearts and weeping eyes.
    But now he calmly sleeps at last,
    All pain, all grief, all suffering past.
    Eternal rest, grant unto him, Oh Lord.
    And let perpetual light shine upon him.

  27. The world seems like another place, Without the smile of her dear face.

  28. The World Seems Like Another Place
    Poet: Unknown

    Weary, sad and heavy hearted,
    Thus we pass each lonely day,
    For our dear mother has gone before to show the way.
    Just nine years of saddest longing for it is veiled
    In that bright dawning where faith leads on to thee.
    Thus �tis but a step to Heaven,
    The house of dear ones gone beyond.
    This blessed assurance to us is given,
    Therefore I pray Thy will be done.
    Gone, dear mother, gone forever.
    How we miss your smiling face,
    But you left us to remember,
    None on earth can take your place.
    A happy home we once enjoyed,
    How sweet the memory still;
    But death has left a loneliness the world can never fill.
    What would we give her hand to clasp,
    Her patient face to see.
    To hear her voice, to see her smile,
    As in the days that used to be.
    When a mother breathes her last farewell,
    The stroke means more than tongue can tell.
    The world seems like another place,
    Without the smile of her dear face.

  29. Dear Brother
    Poet: Unknown

    No one knows the bitter pain,
    I have suffered since I lost you,
    Life has never been the same,
    In my heart, your memory lingers,
    Sweetly tender, fond and true;
    There is not a day, dear brother,
    That I do not think of you.

  30. We Miss Her
    Poet: Unknown

    God knows how much we miss her,
    Never shall her memory fade.
    Loving thoughts shall ever wander,
    To the spot where she is laid.

  31. Not Forgotten
    Poet: Unknown

    You are not forgotten, brother dear,
    Nor ever will you be.
    As long as our lives and memory lasts,
    We will remember thee.

  32. Dear To Our Memory
    Poet: Unknown

    Forgotten by some you may be,
    But dear to our memory you will be.
    Your loving smile and kindly ways are pleasant to recall.
    You had a kind word for everyone and died beloved by all.

  33. The Years
    Poet: Unknown

    The year may wipe out many things,
    But this they wipe out never.
    The memory of those happy days,
    When we were all together.

  34. With Me
    Poet: S. I. Cockey

    Some may think I forget you,
    Though on earth you are no more.
    But in memory, you were with me,
    As you always were before.

  35. Left A Memory
    Poet: Unknown

    They left a memory fair and sweet,
    Its fragrance can never die;
    Their lives were short but still complete,
    When God called them on high.
    Yes, we loved them oh, how dearly,
    Words can faintly love express;
    Our fond hearts beat too sincerely
    Even in death to love them less.

  36. Sweet Remembrance
    Poet: Unknown

    Just a thought of sweet remembrance,
    Just a memory fond and true,
    Just the love and sweet devotion,
    Of the one who thinks of you.
    Author Unknown

  37. The Memorial
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    I may not be so lucky, because I do not have you here,
    But I consider myself lucky, for the memorial you've left behind.

    My house is a memorial, for all the times you've spent with me,
    My backyard is a memorial, for all the times you've watched me play.

    Our car is a memorial, for all the trips we took together,
    My lunch box is a memorial, for all the lunches you packed for me.

    My bed is a memorial, for all the times you tucked me in,
    My forehead is a memorial, for all the kisses you place on it.

    Everywhere I look, I am reminded of you.
    You will never be forgotten, for all the memories you have given me.

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We hope you were able to find memorial poems that you are able to use in a condolence card or as part of a funeral procession. You may also take bits and pieces of these memorial poems to form unique memorial poems that would speak about the deceased or the mourning in a better way.

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