9 Religious Christmas Poems

Poetry to honor Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas is found in these religious Christmas poems. Uplifting and inspiring verses about Christmas.

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  1. A Desire
    Poet: Adelaide A. Procter

    Oh to have dwelt in Bethlehem
    When the star of the Lord shone bright!
    To have sheltered the holy wanderers
    On that blessed Christmas night!
    To have kissed the tender, wayworn feet
    Of the mother undefiled,
    And, with reverent wonder and deep delight,
    To have tended the Holy Child!

    Hush! such a glory was not for thee;
    But that care may still be thine;
    For are there not little ones still to aid
    For the sake of the Child divine?
    Are there no wandering pilgrims now,
    To thy heart and thy home to take?
    And are there no mothers whose weary hearts
    You can comfort for Mary�s sake?

    Oh to have knelt at Jesus� feet,
    And to have learnt His heavenly lore!
    To have listened the gentle lessons He taught
    On mountain, and sea, and shore!
    While the rich and the mighty knew Him not,
    To have meekly done His will! -
    Hush! for the worldly reject Him yet,
    You can serve and love Him still.
    Time cannot silence His mighty words,
    And though ages have fled away,
    His gentle accents of love divine
    Speak to your soul to-day.

  2. When Christmas Comes
    Poet: Lucy Larcom

    When Christmas comes, we hear again the word
    Our Lord spake, listening back to His own birth.
    And forward until now, as if He heard
    His advent hymned by all the years of earth,
    "Except as little children ye become,
    Ye cannot in God's kingdom be at home."
    When Christmas comes, set in the midst is He,
    The Eternal Child, to show men they must be
    As children still, would they His kingdom see.

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  4. The Saviour Of All People
    Poet: Unknown

    God bless the master of this house,
    And all that are therein,
    And to begin this Christmas tide
    With mirth now let us sing.

    For the Saviour of all people
    Upon this time was bom.
    Who did from death deliver us,
    When we were left forlorn.

    Then let us all most merry be,
    And sing with cheerful voice,
    For we have good occasion now
    This time for to rejoice.

    Then put away contention all,
    And fall no more at strife.
    Let every man with cheerfulness
    Embrace his loving wife.
    With plenteous food your houses store,
    Provide some wholesome cheer,
    And call your friends together
    That live both far and near.

    Then sing with voices cheerfully,
    For Christ this time was born.
    Who did from death deliver us.
    When we were left forlorn.

  5. The Light Of Christmas
    Poet: Norval Clyne

    The blasts of chill December sound
    The farewell of the year.
    And night's swift shadows gathering round
    O'ercloud the soul with fear;
    But rest you well, good Christian men,
    Nor be of heart forlorn;
    December's darkness brings again
    The Light of Christmas morn.

    The welcome snow at Christmas-tide
    Falls shining from the skies:
    On village paths and uplands wide
    All holy-white it lies;
    It crowns with pearl the oaks and pines.
    And glitters on the thorn,
    And purer is the Light that shines
    On gladsome Christmas morn.

    'Twas when the world was waxing old,
    And night on Bethlehem lay,
    The shepherds saw the heavens unfold
    A light beyond the day;
    Such glory ne'er had visited
    A world with sin outworn;
    But yet more glorious Light is shed
    On happy Christmas morn.

    Those shepherds poor, how blest were they
    The angels' song to hear!
    In manger cradle as He lay.
    To greet their Lord so dear!
    The Lord of Heaven's eternal height
    For us a Child was born:
    And He, the very Light of Light,
    Shone forth that Christmas morn!

    Before His Infant smile afar
    Were driven the hosts of hell;
    And still in souls that childlike are
    His guardian Love shall dwell:
    O then rejoice, good Christian men,
    Nor be of heart forlorn;
    December's darkness brings again
    The Light of Christmas morn.

  6. A Christmas Day Prayer
    Poet: Robert Bridges

    Eternal Father, who didst create,
    In whom we live and to whose bosom move,
    To all men be Thy name known, which is Love,

    Till its loud praises sound at heaven's high gate.
    Perfect Thy kingdom in our passing state.
    That here on earth Thou may'st as well approve
    Our service as Thou ownest theirs above.

    Whose joy we echo, and in pain await.
    Grant body and soul each day their daily bread:
    And should in spite of grace fresh woe begin,
    Even as our anger soon is past and dead

    Be thy remembrance mortal of our sin:
    By Thee in paths of peace Thy sheep be led,
    And in the vale of terror comforted.

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  8. A Meditation For Christmas Day
    Poet: Selwyn Image

    Consider, O my soul, what morn is this!
    Whereon the eternal Lord of all things made
    For us, poor mortals, and our endless bliss,
    Came down from heaven; and, in a manger laid,
    The first, rich offerings of our ransom paid.
    Consider, O my soul, what mom is this!

    Consider what estate of fearful woe
    Had then been ours had He refused this birth;
    From sin to sin tossed vainly to and fro,
    Hell's playthings, o'er a doomed and helpless earth!
    Had He from us withheld His priceless worth.
    Consider man's estate of fearful woe!

    Consider to what joys He bids thee rise,
    Who comes. Himself, life's bitter cup to drain!
    Ah! look on this sweet Child, whose innocent eyes,
    Ere all be done, shall close in mortal pain,
    That thou at last Love's Kingdom may'st attain:
    Consider to what joys He bids thee rise!

    Consider all this wonder, my soul:
    And in thine inmost shrine make music sweet!
    Yea, let the world, from furthest pole to pole,
    Join in thy praises this dread birth to greet!
    Kneeling to kiss thy Saviour's infant feet!
    Consider all this wonder, O my soul!

  9. Psalm for Christmas Day
    Poet: Thomas Pestel

    Fairest of morning lights appear.
    Thou blest and gaudy day.
    On which was born our Saviour dear;
    Arise and come away!

    This day prevents His day of doom;
    His mercy now is nigh;
    The mighty God of Love is come,
    The Dayspring from on high!

    Behold the great Creator makes
    Himself an house of clay,
    A robe of Virgin-flesh He takes.
    Which He will wear for aye.

    Hark! hark! the wise Eternal Word
    Like a weak infant cries:
    In form of servant is the Lord,
    And God in cradle lies.

    Join then, all hearts that are not stone,
    And all our voices prove.
    To celebrate this Holy One,
    The God of peace and love.

  10. In A Humble Manager
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Beneath the radiant Bethlehem star,
    Hope and love echoed from afar
    Shepherds bowed, wise men drew near,
    To witness the miracle, pure and clear.

    In humble manger, the Savior lay,
    A promise of redemption, lighting the way.
    God's grace in human form bestowed,
    On this sacred night, salvation flowed.

  11. In humble manger, the Savior lay, A promise of redemption, lighting the way.
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  12. The Nativity
    Poet: Ben Jonson

    I sing the birth was born to-night,
    The author both of life and light;
    The angels so did sound it.
    And like the ravished shepherds said.
    Who saw the light, and were afraid.
    Yet searched, and true they found it.

    The Son of God, the Eternal King,
    That did us all salvation bring.
    And freed the soul from danger;
    He whom the whole world could not take.
    The Word, which heaven and earth did make,
    Was now laid in a manger.

    The Father's wisdom willed it so,
    The Son's obedience knew no No,
    Both wills were in one stature;
    And as- that wisdom had decreed,
    The Word was now made Flesh indeed,
    And took on him our nature.

    What comfort by Him do we win.
    Who made Himself the price of sin.
    To make us heirs of Glory!
    To see this babe, all innocence,
    A martyr born in our defence:
    Can man forget this story?

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