12 New Year Poems

As we all say goodbye to the old year to ring in the new year let these New Year poems be ones that you share with others to wish a Happy New Year. Starting the new year off with a poem written about New Year's past and present is a nice way to ring in the new year with family and friends as you celebrate this joyous day.

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  1. Happy New Year
    Poet: B. R. Clement

    Happy New Year to you
    We wish you success in all you do
    Filled with optimism and good cheer
    Remember we love you oh so dear.

    Let the year come one day at a time
    Make sure you allow for some downtime
    Do not worry about what is to come
    Just do your best and it will be awesome.

  2. The poem, A New Year Born, reflects on the New Year's journey, suggesting a mission to traverse the world, leaving no spot untouched. It concludes by acknowledging that the New Year neither claims nor carries the burdens of sorrow or joy, leaving such matters in the hands of God.

  3. A New Year Born
    Poet: Mrs. C. K. Smith

    The time has come the Orient light
    Of New Year's dawn is here!
    Aurora bursts the gates of night,
    And lo! a new born year!

    How softly comes his gentle tread,
    As if 'twere Reason's child,
    And knew the Older Year was dead
    In Time's huge volume filed.

    His bearing is the most discreet,
    His breath is like the rose;
    No snowy sandals on his feet,
    No pendants from his nose.

    The icicles he leaves behind,
    Old Boreas disdains;
    To rob the North he's disinclined;
    To suit the West he aims.

    He aims to suit our Western clime,
    Where loveliest flowers bloom,
    Where yellower than a golden mine
    The orange is at home.

    Last year he paid a visit here
    And learned what we'd accept;
    For other lands, with colder cheer
    His frosty jewels kept.

    With open hand he warmly greets
    The dwellers near our bay;
    He smiles on every one he meets,
    Then hurries on his way.

    For round the world his mission is,
    To leave no spot untrod;
    Not sorrow, weal or woe are his
    All these he leaves with God.

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    The poem, A Brand New Year, is one that reminds us to laugh as the New Year begins. Life is always easier when you find laughter and love.
  5. A Brand New Year
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Gather 'round, dear friends, it's time for cheer
    A brand new year is drawing near
    With resolutions big and small
    We'll try to stick to them, but we may fall

    The countdown starts, the ball will drop
    Let's raise a glass and hopefully not flop
    Here's to laughter, love, and endless fun
    In this new year, that's just begun!

  6. New Year Blessings
    Poet: J. S. Ogilvie

    Gladly now it is my pleasure,
    Joys to wish you, without measure,
    Happiness and peace attending,
    With pure heavenly blessings blending.

  7. New Start
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    We stop and countdown the beginning of the year
    We spend it with family and friends who are dear
    We reflect upon the year that has gone by
    We have had times of laughter and times we have cried.

    But while we look back we look ahead
    We are full of optimism not of dread
    No matter what has happened in the past
    It does not mean it has to last.

    Each New Year we get to start again
    Surround by family and friends
    We move forward with a thankful heart
    That we get this brand new start.

  8. Each New Year we get to start again Surround by family and friends

  9. Believe
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    The days seem to start again,
    Yet nothing seems to have changed.
    We continue on with our lives much the same,
    Checking off our lists and getting things arranged.

    But then the countdown does begin
    To a New Year; we set our resolutions
    We celebrate and do bring in
    A new year for our contributions.

    We can reflect and choose
    New goals to achieve
    As long as we try we no longer loose
    We need to do our best and believe!

  10. A New Year Is Here
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    As January dawns, a new year is here,
    Inviting us to embrace it with cheer.
    A chance to start anew, to learn and grow,
    Setting goals that make our spirits glow.

    Through kind intentions and efforts calm,
    Let's strive for progress, extending a warm palm.
    May this fresh beginning bring joy untold,
    May our goals be attainable and bold.

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  12. May Success Be With You
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    May this New Year bring prosperity,
    With solutions, not complexity.
    And may each day shine with hope and joy for thee,
    And many blessings may you see.

    May your strength be ever unwavering and true,
    May courage be with you through and through.
    May luck dance with you throughout your way,
    May success be with you every day!

  13. As The Clock Strikes Midnight
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    As the clock strikes midnight, a tale unfolds,
    A New Year dawns, its promises untold.
    To family and friends, our hearts extend,
    Wishes of joy, love that'll never end.

    May each day be a canvas, vibrant and bright,
    Filled with laughter, and moments so light.
    May success be a companion, walking by your side,
    In the journey of life, be your trusted guide.

    Let challenges be stepping stones, not walls,
    May happiness echo in your heart's halls.
    Togetherness and warmth, like a cozy embrace,
    In the coming year, may they find their place.

    May friendships blossom, strong and true,
    And dreams unfold, painting skies anew.
    Health and peace, a constant presence near,
    Wishing all our dear ones a Happy New Year!

  14. Health and peace, a constant presence near, Wishing all our dear ones a Happy New Year!

    A great poem below, to remind us to leave the old year with its failures and errors in the past.
    A reminder to think of the new year as a new beginning to start fresh!

  15. Old Year Slips Away
    Poet: Marion Sanford

    And as the Old Year slips away,
    He kindly with him takes;
    The pages we have blurred and marred.
    With failures and mistakes.

    The blighted hopes and needless fears.
    Are gone beyond recall,
    And ours once more the fair, clean page
    The New Year brings to all.

  16. The Dawning of A New Year
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    As the new year dawns,
    We reflect on the past,
    And look forward with hope,
    To a future that will last.

    We set our intentions,
    And make a fresh start,
    Determined to create,
    A year that is great.

    We will embrace new challenges,
    And take them on with grace,
    Knowing that each roadblock,
    We will overcome as we face.

    So let's make this the year,
    That we turn our dreams into reality,
    And work towards our goals,
    With passion and sincerity.

    Here's to a new year,
    And all the possibilities it brings,
    Let's make the most of it,
    And be thankful for the little things!

  17. Thoughts For The New Year
    Poet: Isabel C. Byrum

    The morn has dawned both calm and clear
    Upon another happy year,
    And from glad hearts
    Our welcome starts.

    No echoes of the past we bring,
    For of the future we would sing,
    In accents clear,
    This bright New-year.

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