10 Procrastination Poems

Be inspired not to procrastinate by these procrastination poems. Let your motivation override any thoughts of procrastination.

These poems shed light on the intricacies of procrastination, urging us to embrace a positive and inspiring perspective. Within these verses, we discover the power to conquer delay, ignite our inner drive, and embrace the joy of timely action.

We hope these poems motivate you to use your time wisely and not let procrastination be a part of your day!

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  1. Focus And Drive
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    While others sit idle, I begin to work
    With focus and drive, I do not shirk.
    They laze around, eating and swimming
    All the while my head keeps spinning.

    They dream of success but could care less
    I work hard to make my future so high
    So while they're taking a nap,
    I'll be frothing and going zap, zap.

  2. Rise Above Procrastination
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In the realm of time, a battle unseen,
    Procrastination tempts with its serene.
    But as deadlines near and stress ensues,
    We choose to act and light our fuse.

    With focused effort, we take the lead,
    Procrastination's grip, we will concede.
    For in tackling tasks with steadfast might,
    We find relief and a tranquil sight.

    No more unnecessary stress and strain,
    As we tackle challenges with a determined aim.
    Alleviating worries that hinder our way,
    We embrace a calm, productive display.

    So let us rise above procrastination's snare,
    And seize the day with a purposeful flair.
    With each task conquered, our spirits rise,
    In a life where progress and success lies.

  3. Choose Determination
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In the realm where dreams meet reality,
    Determination stands tall, a beacon of light.
    But oh, how procrastination tries to flee,
    Like shadows that threaten to dim our sight.

    For the time is fleeting, slipping through our hands,
    As laziness whispers its deceitful song.
    Yet in resolute steps, strength firmly stands,
    Choosing determination to make it strong.

    In the battle between two warring minds,
    Choose determination; leave procrastination behind.

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  5. On Monday
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    On Monday, rise with vigor, do not delay,
    For Friday hides around the bend, unseen.
    Tread not the path of idle thoughts today,
    But grasp each moment, let your willpower gleam.

    The hours pass swiftly, a relentless tide,
    As dreams dissolve in shadows of regret.
    Beware procrastination's tempting stride,
    For Friday awaits�a lesson hard to forget.

  6. Be Like A Bumblebee
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Be like a bumblebee, no wasted time
    Buzzing around so busily is no crime.
    Don't stop, get off your duff,
    Move faster not slow, even with huff.

    Work in light to everyone's delight,
    Bringing honey and laughter into sight.
    So be like a bumble bee, and just do it,
    Don't procrastinate or misconstrue it!

  7. Just Distracted
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Don't say I'm lazy, just distracted,
    My mind wanders, it can't be reacted,
    Who cares about distraction anyway?
    Procrastination is what reigns all day.

    I'll do my work but first a nap,
    Or maybe binge-watch a TV recap,
    It's not laziness, just a different knack,
    I'll finish someday, no need to attack.

  8. While funny poems may make us smile, they also contain wisdom in their humor.

  9. Finish The Project
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Finish the project, don't crawl like a turtle,
    Be swift and quick like a hummingbird's circle.
    No food for you, no wind in your sails,
    Just determination as you push through the trails.

    With each step forward, excitement builds within,
    Victory is so close, your heart beats with a grin.
    Finish strong, don't let up or slow down,
    For success is yours to own and crown.

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  11. Shunning Procrastination
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    When it comes to productivity, one thing is not a lie,
    Always avoid procrastination's dark guise.
    For in a timely manner, tasks find their end,
    Efficiency blooms, a diligent friend.

    With steadfast resolve, from distractions break free,
    Unlock the door to triumph, where you should be.
    A serious tone guides your every step,
    Embrace thy purpose and never forget.

  12. Overcoming Procrastination
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    When it comes to success, discipline thrives,
    Overcoming procrastination's binds.
    A firm resolve to conquer time's reprisal,
    Takes timely task completion for our rise.

    With each accomplishment, a step we take,
    Impacting life with goals grand and distinct.
    Oh, let not idleness become our fate,
    Embrace the power to change and succinct.

  13. When it comes to success, discipline thrives, Overcoming procrastination's binds
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  14. Don't Let Opportunities Fade
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    We sometimes allow a shadow to creep,
    Procrastination, sowing seeds so deep.
    With each idle moment that slips away,
    Opportunities fade, dreams start to sway.

    But those astute souls who choose not to wait,
    Unbolt the doors and break free from their fate.
    For prompt action fuels newfound learning's might,
    And opens a mosaic of experiences bright.

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