8 Fathers Day Poems

Fathers Day is a time to celebrate the father figures in our lives and we can do that using a father's day poem. Share your appreciation with your dad, father, step-father, grandfather, uncle, or even a close family friend. If they were a parental figure to you in some way or another, they deserve to be appreciated and loved. Allow us to help you find the right words to express your thoughts for your Dad. Keep in mind, a poem about having a great dad does not have to wait until fathers day. Find ways to celebrate your dad as often as you'd like.

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  1. Celebrating You
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    Today is the day that I celebrate you,
    For all you have been to me.
    You are the father I know everyone wishes they had,
    So cheerful, so loving, so free.

    You are always there when I need you,
    You never miss a beat.
    You never missed a birthday,
    or even a track meet!

    I love you more than words can say,
    I never doubt your love for me.
    And that's because you make it your mission to tell me,
    Never allowing me to wonder relentlessly.

    So thank you, Dad, for all that you are,
    For stepping into different roles when in need.
    You're a friend, a chauffeur, a cook, and a confidant.
    But as a dad, you are the best breed.

  2. A father loves his children

  3. A Good Father
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    What makes a good father,
    This I can tell you for sure.
    See I had a great father,
    Who was kind, fun, and pure.

    A father should make you feel safe,
    He should also treat you well.
    For a good father spreads love,
    Even when he yells.

    A father listens and waits,
    He always thinks the best.
    He wants to be with us,
    Even when he is stressed.

    Now my father, like many fathers,
    Are not at all perfect.
    They had bad days like us all,
    But they do their best to check it.

    So what makes a good father,
    Overall I think it's this.
    A father loves his children,
    Always there, to hug and kiss.

  4. We're So Thankful
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    We bring our family together,
    To celebrate the one and only you.
    A Happy Fathers day celebration,
    Relaxing this wonderful day through.

    Who knows the sacrifices you've made,
    Probably only you and a few.
    But don't go through life thinking,
    You're kids don't have a clue.

    We are thankful for everything Daddy,
    Even the things that you didn't share.
    We know you didn't want us to feel sorry,
    You always made sure you were there.

    We wish things could have been different,
    That you could have had it all.
    Goodness knows you surely deserve it,
    As a father, you made the right call.

    All of our needs were met with enthusiasm,
    And a lot of our wants too.
    You made sure not to spoil us rotten,
    We grew up seeing through a good view.

    We're so thankful for all of your loving,
    We're so thankful for all of your hugs.
    We're so thankful for the one on one attention,
    And for helping us dig for those bugs.

    You are a good and wonderful father,
    Willing to give us everything you've got.
    May you have the happiest of Fathers Days,
    And may you know we love you a lot.

  5. They have always been there for me

  6. My Promise To You Both
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    I owe so much to my mother and father
    They have always been there for me.
    A day once a year to celebrate them,
    Is just not enough, if you ask me.

    They should be celebrated every day,
    With a kiss and hug at the very least.
    There will come a sad day, hopefully, a long time from now,
    When they will be deceased.

    So between now and then I will appreciate them,
    I will not take them for granted again.
    I will love them and cherish them for all that they are,
    Even when they make me feel insane.

  7. Father Of The Year
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    A fathers day tribute,
    To the man of the hour.
    Always happy and willing,
    Never angry or sour.

    Okay, that may be false,
    A little far from the truth.
    A great father you are,
    But still human since youth.

    Even though natural human reactions,
    Can side track you at times.
    It doesn't take you very long,
    To repent for your crimes.

    You always say your sorry,
    When it counts and means the most.
    You teach us to do the same,
    And to never ever boast.

    A hypocrite you are not,
    You practice what you preach.
    Always a leading example,
    And always within reach.

    A happy fathers day it is,
    To the father of the year.
    So thankful for all of you,
    You bring my life so much cheer.

  8. Short Father's Day Poems

    When it comes to our dads, sometimes short and sweet are the ways to go. If that's what you are looking for, the following poems are what you are looking for!

  9. My Blessing
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    When we are born into this world,
    If we are lucky we get a father like you.
    Actually, luck has nothing to do with it,
    You're a blessing God construed.

  10. The way only you could make me laugh

  11. A Daddy's Love
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    Happy memories from my childhood,
    Flood me day by day.
    Its the way only you could make me laugh,
    When something has not gone my way.

    As a child, I started to expect certain things,
    From a daddy, I loved very much.
    No matter the cost, you never let me down.
    With your gentle and loving touch.

  12. you are my best friend

  13. I Would Miss You
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    The thought of losing you makes me pale,
    My father, you are my best friend.
    I can only hope we will not depart,
    Until the very end.

    But if God takes us away from each other,
    I will know you are not far.
    My heart is filled with happy moments,
    To remember you, my father, in the stars.

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As we celebrate our fathers once a year with a poem, wishes, and sayings, hopefully, we remember to show them appreciation and love more than annually. Our parents or those who helped raise us are so underappreciated. We only truly understand this once we have kids ourselves or God forbid lose one of them way too early. Love your dad! We hope you were able to find a poem that reminded you of your father.

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