4 Christmas Magic Poems

Christmas is certainly a magical time of the year, especially for children. Share these Christmas magic poems with children and adults. And never lose the magic feeling that the season of Christmas brings.

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  1. Christmas Magic
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    Do you believe in magic,
    I certainly do.
    The magic of Christmas is my favourite,
    And many other holidays too.

    Christmas though is my favourite,
    For many reasons you see,
    I mean how does Santa deliver presents,
    Without my front door key?

    Magic, its all about the magic,
    That Christmas brings each year.
    So many unanswered questions,
    Have you ever seen a flying reindeer?

    And the presents, so many presents,
    Who makes them I wonder out loud?
    Ive heard about these talented elves,
    Santa must be so very proud.

    The magic that surrounds Christmas,
    Even the adults can feel its around.
    I dont know if they fully believe it,
    But thats not going to bring me down.

    Because I know Christmas has magic,
    And no proof is needed for me.
    Some of the best things in life,
    Are things that we will never see.

  2. Magical Snow
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    Christmas without snow,
    Doesnt feel like Christmas to me.
    I know many kids dont get it,
    But for me, snow is the magic key.

    You see, leading up to Christmas,
    I love to smell the cold.
    I know with cold comes snowflakes,
    That cover surfaces with a glow.

    And once the Christmas lights,
    Go up on every house.
    They peek through freshly dropped snowflakes,
    This is my favourite time to roam.

    We drive up and down the streets,
    Looking for beautiful displays.
    We marvel in their beauty,
    And give them so much praise.

    And on Christmas eve,
    I say a little prayer.
    I pray for a fresh dusting of snow,
    I almost smell it in the air.

    The first thing I do on Christmas morning,
    Is take a look and see.
    I am never disappointed,
    Another magical snowy Christmas for me.

  3. Signs Of Christmas
    Poet: Emilie Poulsson

    Frost and snow.
    Fires aglow,
    Jingling bells,
    Spicy smells,
    Fir-trees seen,
    Garlands green,
    Holly bright,
    Festive sight -
    Hurrying throngs.
    Merry songs.
    Echoing chimes,
    Busy times,
    Secrets sweet,
    (Don't repeat!)
    Stockings hung,
    Carols sung,

    Starry skies,
    Lovelit eyes.
    Time most dear
    Of the year,
    Christmas time
    At last is here!

  4. A Song Of The Magic Of Winter
    Poet: Emilie Poulsson

    Wholl sing a song of winter,
    The snowy, blowy winter?
    O we will sing who love the sight
    Of earth bedecked with sparkling white,
    Well sing a song of winter,white winter.

    Wholl sing a song of winter,
    The cold and stormy winter?
    O we will laugh at cold and storm,
    By jolly winter sports kept warm,
    Well sing a song of winter,cold winter.

    Sing all, sing all of winter,
    The joyous, welcome winter;
    For winter rings the Christmas chimes,
    Brings holidays and merry times,
    Sing all, sing all of winter, gay winter.

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