Be Patient With Your Mother

This poem describes some of the trials and tribulations of being a mother and how things can get a little out of hand sometimes but ultimately our mothers want the best for us and how we need to remember they are only human and we need to be patient with them just like they are so very patient with us!

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Do not speak cross to your mother, though your angry
heart may break.
For you do not know the hours she has suffered for your
And you cannot tell what moment that her earthly sun
may set,
Then for every cross word spoken you will carry a regret.

Her old heart is often breaking and her eyes oft filled
with tears,
While her thoughts are for her children in the coming of
the years.
Her kind spirit shows no falter in the duty to her own.
And her bosom covers sorrows by her children never

All grandchildren are her idols, aye, far more to her than
And though sometime while correcting she may get real
cross and scold,
There is always warm and tender in her voice's undertone
That deep feeling of affection that true mothers only own.

Oft her language may be cutting when her nerves are all
But be patient, she's your mother, and her nerves are not
so young.
She was patient, kind and gentle to her children in the
And it is a bounden duty that they love her to the last.

She may scold you as she used to in the days that are
gone by.
Till it wounds your very spirit and you feel that you must
But be patient with your mother, yes, be calm e'en then
and smile
For she loves you and can linger with you but a little

Kindly make her life a heaven while she stays upon the
If you have the kind of spirit to appreciate your birth.
Through the sunshine and the shadows of this life she
guarded you.
And your love and sweetest kindness to your mother is
now due.
Dr. T. Wilkins

As mothers, we are not exempt from making mistakes or losing our temper. On the contrary, we do all those things and then feel very guilty for it. So as this poem reminds us not only to be patient with our mothers, but also to do everything we can to make life on earth as heavenly as possible. They deserve nothing less.

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