Never The Oldest

Birthdays have a way of catching up with us and most of us get tired of celebrating getting older another year. But the fact is, it is very seldom when you cannot find someone older than you. This poem has a way of delivering your birthday wishes and reminding you of this fact as the same time. This poem also works well as a retirement poem by changing all the words: birthday to retirement.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Don't go and sweat it,
There's always someone older than you!

I wish you many blessings,
On this birthday you will get.
Doesn't matter if its wanted,
It is happening, so don't fret.

A birthday can be a great thing,
Think what getting older will provide.
An over flowing amount of wisdom,
And a heavy sense of pride.

So no matter the colour of the roses,
or the colour of violets too.
You'll never be the oldest person around,
Unless you live to one hundred and two!
Julie Hebert

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