A Mother As Wonderful As Mine

There are all types of mothers out there and if you have one of the good ones, this poem is a great poem to send to your mother on mothers day or her birthday to celebrate the amazing mothers she turned out to be.

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I've seen the mothers of many,
Some who should never have been.
But a child innocent and wishful,
Does not get to choose a motherly queen.

Instead, they are given the mother God chooses.
Reasons never addressed.
Why do some kids get heavenly mothers,
While others are given much less.

Without sounding ungrateful or unappreciative,
To the blessing bestowed upon me.
I'm sad that everyone doesn't get a mother,
as wonderful as mine is to me.

God may choose your mother, that is true,
But your mother chooses who she will be.
Thank you to my wonderful mother,
Your good choices mean everything to me.
Julie Hebert

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