10 Poems About Mothers Love

There is no stronger love than that of a Mother for her child. Let these poems about mothers love remind you of how much a Mom loves her children. Share one of these with your Mother to express your gratitude for the love she gave you.

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  1. It Never Dies
    Poet: E. O. Jewell

    It never dies, - a mother's love
    Strengthens with every ill that may betide;
    In every phase of life its waters move
    With current strong, and fathomless, and wide.
    From the heart oft other flames may rise,
    And while they seem as warm and grand and high.
    The incense of one lives to reach the skies -
    A mother's tender love can never die.

  2. Mother's Eyes
    Poet: L. M. Montgomery

    Dear beacon of my childhood's day,
    The lodestar of my youth,
    A mingled glow of tenderest love
    And firm, unswerving truth,
    I've wandered far o'er east and west,
    'Neath many stranger skies.
    But ne'er I've seen a fairer light
    Than that in Mother's eyes.

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  4. Song Of Love
    Poet: Thomas O'Hagan

    It's a song of love and triumph, it's a song of toil and care,
    It is filled with chords of pathos, and it's set in notes of prayer;
    It is bright with dreams and visions of the days that are to be,
    And as strong in faith's devotion as the heart-beat of the sea;
    It is linked in mystic measure to sweet voices from above.
    And is starred with ripest blessing through a mother's sacred love.
    O sweet and strong and tender are the memories that it brings.
    As I list in joy and rapture to the song my mother sings.

  5. With Her Heart
    Poet: Laman Blanchard

    'Tis a mother's large affection hears with a mysterious sense,
    Breathings that escape detection, whispers faint, and fine inflection
    Thrills in her with power intense.
    Childhood's honeyed words untaught heareth she in loving thought,
    Tones that never thence depart, for she listens - with her heart.

  6. No Love Like Mother's
    Poet: John Jarvis Holden

    There is no love like a Mother's -
    'Tis the sun that shineth forth;
    There is no Truth like a Mother's-
    'Tis the Star that points the North;
    There is no Hope like a Mother's -
    'Tis the April in the clod;
    There is no Trust like a Mother's -
    'Tis the Charity of God:
    The Love and Truth, and Hope and Trust
    That makes the Mortal more than dust.

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  8. A Heartfelt Thank You To Mom
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Mom, your love has been a guiding light,
    Guiding me through each day and night.
    Through ups and downs, you've stood strong,
    With unconditional love, so pure and long.

    You've been my shelter in life's storm,
    A safe harbor where I feel warm.
    Your support has never wavered or ceased,
    Bringing me comfort, bringing me peace.

    Through every triumph, you've cheered with glee,
    Through every setback, you've stood by me.
    Your belief in me, a constant flame,
    Igniting my spirit, fueling my aim.

    Thank you, Mom, for being my rock,
    For picking me up when I felt stuck.
    Your love has lifted me high and above,
    Teaching me the true meaning of love.

    For all the sacrifices you've made,
    For all the moments you've selflessly stayed,
    I am forever grateful, my heart's overflowing,
    With love and appreciation, ever-growing.

    So, on this day, I want to convey,
    My deepest gratitude, in every way.
    Thank you, Mom, for your unwavering care,
    A love that's beyond compare.

  9. Thank you, Mom, for your unwavering care, A love that's beyond compare.

  10. Love Of Mother and Grandmother
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    A mother's love, a beacon so bright,
    Guiding us with warmth and light.
    Through every milestone, through every phase,
    Her love endures, with unwavering grace.

    A grandmother's love, a legacy passed,
    An embrace that holds memories vast.
    Through generations, their love's embrace,
    Leaving an imprint, time cannot erase.

    A mother's love, a grandmother's care,
    A connection so deep, beyond compare.
    In their love, we find strength and might,
    A bond that echoes through day and night.

  11. Memory
    Poet: John Greenleaf Whittier

    A picture memory brings to me:
    I look across the years and see
    Myself beside my mother's knee.

    I feel her gentle hand restrain
    My selfish moods, and know again
    A child's blind sense of wrong and pain.

    But, wiser now, a man gray grown,
    My childhood's needs are better known,
    My mother's chastening love I own.

  12. Knows No Bounds
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Infinite eggs in a carefully woven nest,
    Mother's love knows no bounds, it's the best.
    Joyful giggles and snuggles at play,
    A mother's touch, warms hearts every day.

    From scraped knees to broken hearts,
    She kisses away all of our darts.
    A mother's love is happy and bright,
    Our shining star on even the darkest night.

  13. A mother's love is happy and bright, Our shining star on even the darkest night.
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  14. A Mother's Love
    Poet: Emily Taylor

    There is not a grand inspiring thought,
    There is not a truth by wisdom taught,
    There is not a feeling pure and high,
    That may not be read in a mother's eye.
    There are teachings in earth, and sky, and air,
    The heavens the glory of God declare;
    But louder than voice, beneath, above.
    He is heard to speak through a mother's love.

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