22 Christmas Poems

Celebrate the season by sharing our Christmas poems. They are a wonderful addition to any card or gift that you plan to give during the holidays. Whether it be for family, a child in your life, or maybe a certain someone who will not be celebrating the holidays with their loved ones this year, we have many poems for you to choose from.

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  1. Days Until Christmas
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    There are only so many days until Christmas,
    Yet so much needs to get done.
    The hustle and bustle will begin shortly,
    And then so will the fun.

    The planning and organizing and cleaning,
    And searching for the very best gifts.
    Presents will be chosen by thinking,
    And found in stores, markets, or thrifts.

    When the day comes to gather together,
    The house decorated to share joy.
    Greetings of Merry Christmas are relayed often,
    With so much more around to enjoy.

    Smiles on everyone's faces,
    As the presents are handed around.
    Excitement and laughter are heard widely,
    Oh, what a beautiful sound.

    The table will be set festively,
    And the food prepared perfectly with love.
    Guest will join together around the table,
    And give thanks to the one up above.

    A wonderful meal will be shared among family,
    Biological or self-made.
    A tradition passed down over the ages,
    And will continue from decade to decade.

  2. In the heart of December, children and adults eagerly count down to Christmas, finding joy in advent calendars and festive traditions. Anticipation builds as families engage in nightly rituals, and communities come together in goodwill.

  3. Christmas Countdown
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    A new year starts and we live our lives,
    We go month to month without fail.
    Once autumn beings we have feelings of exhaustion,
    We know snow is on autumn�s tail.

    Though then we remember what snow represents,
    It's not just the cold and the mess.
    We start to feel the excitement inside,
    Eventually, it can�t be compressed.

    Christmas is just around the corner now,
    I feel butterflies in my gut.
    The stores will begin to bring out the holiday stock,
    Selling, presents, decorations and chestnuts!

    We will start to see Christmas movies show,
    And radio stations will play festive tunes.
    Christmas trees and lights will go up once again,
    Creating very merry rooms.

    When the planning starts to take place,
    This is when my heart grows warm.
    I know very soon we�ll come together again,
    Celebrating Christmas in our little norm.

    So next time you feel someone is a little holiday crazy,
    And you think they need to tone it down.
    Remember for some this is a magical day,
    Let's begin the Christmas countdown!

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  5. A Wish
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    This poem comes with a wish,
    "May your Christmas be filled with bliss.
    A Merry Christmas to you and yours.
    May your day be spent happily."

    May the New Year be the best
    May it be better than all the rest.
    May peace and joy fill your days
    And may you be happy, always!

  6. A Merry Christmas to you and yours.May your day be spent happily.
    Merry Christmas Wishes

  7. Grateful Hearts
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    Every great Christmas is merry and bright,
    With smiles and holidays, lights hung high.
    Exchanging presents gathered by family and friends,
    And grateful hearts that seem to multiply.

    The magic of Christmas is felt by all
    Unlike any other time of the year
    You find generosity and kindness
    Everyone spreading lots of good cheer.

  8. Joyous Bells Are Ringing
    Poet: M. E. B.

    Hark! the joyous bells are ringing,
    "Christ is born," they seem to say
    While our hearts unite in singing.
    Welcome, happy Christmas Day.

    Christmas - Lo, the Lord of Glory
    Leaves His Father's home above,
    To fulfil the wondrous story
    Of His great and matchless love.

    May we all,  thank and praise Him,
    To His holy house repair;
    Show our gratitude by leaving
    Each his Christmas offering there.

    Now our halls are decked with holly
    Shining leaves and berries red,
    Mixed with mistletoe and laurel.
    Now the Christmas feast is spread.

    'Tis the time of sweet reunion,
    Absent ones again we greet;
    Smiles and kisses, gifts, good wishes.
    Tell what pleasure 'tis to meet.

    But, while thus our homes are brightened.
    With the joys we count most dear,
    We may not forget the sorrows
    Of the poor, whose homes are drear.

    There are noble hearts among us,
    That with tender pity bleed.
    For the ills they strive to lighten.
    Hungry ones they fain would feed.

    They will leave the social circle.
    When 'tis sweetest to be there;
    Deeming it a sacred honour.
    In that work of love to share.

    Surely they shall hear with rapture.
    When their gracious Lord they see,
    "As ye did to these. My brethren.
    Ye have done it unto Me."

    In some towns the dear old custom
    Heralds Christmas and New Year;
    Strains of solemn, midnight music.
    Falling sweetly on the ear.

    Children, in their first sound slumber,
    Sent to rest at evening chime.
    Wake, and list with joy and wonder,
    To the "waits" of Christmas time,

    Sick ones, on the bed of suffering.
    Where so little comes to cheer.
    Must be soothed awhile from anguish,
    When those thrilling sounds they hear.

    Saviour, Lord, my soul adores Thee,
    Thou didst come a little child.
    Thou didst live a life of sorrows,
    Thou wast beaten, scorned, reviled.

    Saviour, Lord, our hearts adore Thee,
    Fill us with Thy heavenly grace;
    That when Thou shalt come in glory.
    We with joy may see Thy face.

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  10. A Glorious Sight
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Christmas in heaven, oh, it must be a glorious sight
    Angels and everyone dancing in delight.
    Celebrating the birth of the Son
    Singing Helluiah with such passion.

    I miss my loved one who is in Heaven this day
    But when I think of the celebration I must say,
    "I am sure they are happy to be with the King
    And I know that they will gloriously sing."

    The day will come when I will join them above
    I know my heart will be so full of love.
    To sit with my Saviour and understand why
    The reasons of life that made me cry.

    Heaven is beyond our imagination
    We truly have no comprehension.
    The most beautiful place, with happiness, abound
    And the glory of God all around.

    So to my loved ones in heaven that I miss
    I look to the sky and blow them a kiss.
    Chrismas is a time that reminds us all
    That God loves us so much, even when we fall.

  11. Chrismas is a time that reminds us all That God loves us so much, even when we fall.
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  12. What Christmas Is Not About
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    I love Christmas so much,
    But not for the reasons you think.
    It�s not about receiving gifts at all,
    No need to give me a pessimistic wink.

    Christmas to me is about much more,
    Then receiving the best toy around.
    It's not about buying others gifts either,
    Temporary smiles always turn into frowns.

    Things are not what make people happy,
    Not for long anyway, a temporary fix.
    And holidays tend to lead in this way,
    Making people have feelings of mixed.

    Christmas is not about spending it all,
    And putting yourself into great debt.
    Who wants to spend the next new year,
    Digging yourself out of this fret.

    So do yourself a favor and don�t give in,
    Don�t allow yourself to fall for commercialism.
    Not everyone will agree with this type of thinking,
    You may hear others with concerns of skepticism.

    My advice to you is to think of Christmas this way,
    And to remember to celebrate it with family and friends.
    Joining your loved ones in the simplest ways,
    Means more than looking through commercialism lens.

  13. Joining your loved ones in the simplest ways, Means more than looking through commercialism lens.
    Christmas Sayings

  14. Are You Ready?
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    Sometimes we find ourselves questioning,
    Have I been naughty or nice?
    The year can get away from us,
    We feel like we�ve rolled the dice.

    But Christmas is not the time to gamble,
    So shape up, Santa�s coming soon.
    You better start playing nice you see,
    You are not immune.

    I wish you all the best this Christmas,
    I hope you are able to save yourself.
    It�ll be Christmas before you know it,
    They�re almost ready, Santa and his elves.

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  16. A Miracle Told
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    On this Christmas morn, a miracle's told,
    A baby born, whose love unfolds.
    In Bethlehem's stable, a humble birth,
    A gift to mankind, heaven on earth.

    Wise men follow the guiding star,
    Guided by faith, from afar.
    We celebrate Jesus, the newborn King,
    With hymns of joy, our praises we sing.

    Merry Christmas, with hearts ablaze,
    As we honor Jesus, all our days.

  17. Christmas Traditions
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In homes adorned with twinkling lights,
    Families gather on cozy nights.
    A tree, a canvas for memories to weave,
    With baubles, tinsel, a shimmering sheave.

    Baking cookies, a sweet delight,
    Flour-covered hands in the soft candlelight.
    Gingerbread men with smiles so sweet,
    A holiday tradition, a joyous feat.

    Carols echo in the winter air,
    Voices harmonize, spreading love to spare.
    From door to door, a festive song,
    Uniting hearts where they belong.

    Together we trim the tree with care,
    A tapestry of memories, love to share.
    In each ornament, a tale untold,
    A story of warmth, a love to hold.

    So let the traditions brightly shine,
    In every home, a love divine.
    For in these moments, simple and true,
    Christmas magic binds us, me and you.

  18. Christmas magic binds us, me and you.
    Christmas Magic Poems

  19. Countdown On
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    The countdown is on we are being so good
    We wrote to Santa and told him we would.
    We clean up our room and do the dishes
    We have so many Santa wishes.

    The days go so slow we can't wait
    We know Christmas will be great.
    We will put out milk and cookies too
    Oh, we love Christmas, that is so true!!

  20. The Child Jesus
    Poet: R. S. Hawker

    Welcome that star in Judah's sky,
    That voice o'er Bethlehem's palmy glen:
    The lamp far sages hailed on high,
    The tones that thrilled the shepherd men:
    Glory to God in loftiest heaven!
    Thus angels smote the echoing chord;
    Glad tidings unto man forgiven,
    Peace from the presence of the Lord.

    The Shepherds sought that birth divine,
    The Wise Men traced their guided way;
    There, by strange light and mystic sign.
    The God they came to worship lay.
    A human Babe in beauty smiled.
    Where lowing oxen round him trod:
    A maiden clasped her Awful Child,
    Pure offspring of the breath of God.

    Those voices from on high are mute,
    The star the Wise Men saw is dim;
    But hope still guides the wanderer's foot,
    And faith renews the angel hymn:
    Glory to God in loftiest heaven!
    Touch with glad hand the ancient chord;
    Good tidings unto man forgiven,
    Peace from the presence of the Lord.

  21. Immanuel
    Poet: Harriet McEwen Kimball

    Ring, sweet bells of Christendom,
    Everywhere the tidings tell
    How the Lord to earth did come,
    Ring and tell!

    Swift to seek and save the lost,
    More than merciful He came;
    Glad to pay life's bitter cost,
    Jesus came.

    Prince of peace, the Heavenly King,
    As a mortal babe disguised
    He appeared whom angels sing,

    In the perfect path He trod,
    Still His footprints mark the way;
    Out to men and up to God,
    Show the way.

    Out to men in love that breaks
    Bread of charity with all,
    And thrice-blessed then I forsakes
    Self for all.

    Up to God in deeds like prayers.
    In obedience to Him;
    And in faith, love's altar-stairs
    Reared to Him.

    Ring, sweet bells of Christendom,
    Far and near the tidings tell
    How the Lord to earth did come.
    Ring and tell!

    Join good Christians, east and west,
    In Immanuel's endless praise.
    And with deeds of mercy best
    Show His praise!

    Still the Christmas angels sing:
    "Glory be to God most high!"
    The eternal echoes ring:
    "God most high!"

    Lift your songs in unison:
    "Peace on earth, good-will to men! "
    Mingle song and life in one
    Wide "Amen!"

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  23. A Simpler Christmas Time
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    I like presents as much as the next,
    But sometimes I feel like a hostage.
    It gets to the point that I�ve opened so much,
    And I am utterly exhausted.

    Don�t get me wrong, I�m grateful, I am!
    But we�ve gotten so far from the truth.
    What happened to the days when one gift was enough,
    And it satisfied us in our youth?

    Christmas isn�t about the things they say nowadays,
    It's about coming together as one.
    Spending time with those we love the most,
    Now that sounds like Christmas fun.

    Sometimes we play games and share in the joy,
    of what family really sounds like.
    And the adults get really giddy and fun,
    From the punch our uncle spiked.

    We would sit in a circle and hand out our gifts,
    To the person whose name we drew.
    It was exciting to see who picked our name,
    And their present would reflect how much of me they knew.

    It was a simpler and more personal time,
    When giving was less of a chore.
    Yet compare to Christmas today,
    Christmas was so much more.

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  25. A Magical Scene
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In the winter's hush, a magical scene,
    With flakes of snow, so pure and serene.
    We gather 'round the hearth's warm glow,
    As Christmas brings its radiant show.

    A time to celebrate and remember,
    The gift of love, a burning ember.
    Merry Christmas, may your days be bright,
    Filled with love and pure delight.

  26. A Time For Giving
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Christmas time is here,
    The best time of the year.
    A time for giving.
    Where helping only seems fitting.

    For family, and friends whom we care,
    It is truly a pleasure to share.
    Blessing lives with joy and love,
    Blessings from God above.

    It is a season to lend a hand,
    And spread kindness across the land.
    Selflessness is a gift so fine,
    It makes the heart and soul align.

    Opening our hearts
    to what Christmas brings
    If only we could keep it forever -
    What joy it would bring!

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  28. Peace & Goodwill
    Poet: H B. Stowe

    Heart beats to heart, friend smiles on friend,
    Across the sea the nations call,
    "Peace and good-will, good-will and peace,
    In His dear name who loves us all!"

  29. Christmas Comes Once A Year
    Poet: Jacquin Miller

    Upon a gayer, happier scene,
    Never did holly berries peer.
    Or ivy throw its trailing green,
    On brighter forms than there are here,
    Nor Christmas in his old arm chair
    Smile upon lips and brows more fare
    Then let us sing amid our cheer,
    Old Christmas still comes once a year.

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  31. The Shepherds
    Poet: Stella Sorenson

    The shepherd people left their flocks
    Because a song they heard,
    And as they watched beside their sheep
    Their simple hearts had stirred.
    A star, a song, and both, had led
    True hearts to find the way,
    Where in the cattle's lowly shed
    The blessed Infant lay.

  32. Christmas Whispers Poet: C. A. Lynch Christmas whispers in the frosty air, A season's spell, beyond compare. Nature's gift, a tranquil prism, Christmas magic in each snowy kiss.

  33. Gifts Of Love
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In packages wrapped with care, love resides,
    A symphony of joy in each surprise.
    Gifts of love, more than mere treasures,
    They speak of moments, shared and measured.
    In the exchange, hearts dance and gleam,
    Expressions of affection, a tender dream.
    For in every box, wrapped with delight,
    Christmas magic unfolds, pure and bright.

  34. Love's Embrace
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Around the hearth, love's embrace,
    Families gathered in a warm, festive space.
    Laughter echoes, a melodious cheer,
    As friends draw close, drawing near.
    In shared stories and glances so kind,
    The true spirit of Christmas, we find.
    Together we weave a tapestry of delight,
    In the warmth of togetherness, hearts alight.

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