10 Poems About Blessings

Poems about blessings celebrate the abundance of grace and gratitude in our lives. They remind us to pause, reflect, and embrace the gifts that surround us each day. From the blessings bestowed upon us by a God to the blessings embodied in relationships and moments of joy, these poems illuminate the beauty of life's blessings.

Let the verses awaken your appreciation for the everyday miracles and inspire you to cherish the blessings in your own journey.

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  1. Every Day Blessings
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Every day brings blessings galore,
    But do we take time to explore?
    Each moment, a gift waiting to be seen,
    In nature's beauty or someone's kindness routine.

    Opportunities surround us every hour,
    Pleasure in little things, like a hot cup of chowder!
    I'm excited to unveil the joy in every ray,
    And make the most of each blessing that comes my way!

  2. God's Blessings
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    God blesses us each and every day,
    Just waking up is a blessing in every way!
    The sun rises and our hearts are renewed,
    Gratitude flows, our spirits are imbued.

    We have the gift of life, every moment divine,
    Each breath we take is another sign,
    That God's blessings are always in play,
    And we should be thankful, come what may!

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  4. The Blessing of Grandmother
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In the presence of a grandmother's grace,
    Blessings abound, filling every space.
    With compassion and kindness, her heart beats,
    Touching lives with love that eternally greets.

    She is a blessing, a cherished soul,
    Her compassion like a warm embrace, makes whole.
    Through acts of kindness, her spirit shines,
    Bringing blessings of all kinds.

  5. Sisters Are A Blessing
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Sisters, a blessing in every way,
    Grace-filled companions, brightening each day.
    Their love is kind, their hearts so pure,
    Helping hands and support that endure.

    Through thick and thin, they're always there,
    With unconditional love and care.
    Their presence brings joy, their smiles so bright,
    In their embrace, everything feels right.

  6. Blessings In Abundance
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Blessings in abundance fill my days,
    A reason to smile in countless ways,
    The home where I live, the food on my plate,
    Good health and loved ones, it's truly great.

    I'm thankful for each and every one,
    Never taking them for granted, not even one.
    Joyful in heart and spirit free,
    Gratitude is the key to happiness for me!

  7. Blessings in abundance fill my days, A reason to smile in countless ways
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  8. Count Your Blessings
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Count your blessings, not your strife,
    Keep your focus on the good in life.
    Every day is a gift, let us rejoice,
    Celebrate our blessings with a thankful voice!

    The beauty of life is tireless and true,
    Focusing on blessings will always see us through.
    So cherish every moment that comes our way,
    And count those blessings every single day!

  9. An Irish Blessing

    May the sun shine brightly upon your face,
    And the wind always be at your back.
    May every step you take be full of grace,
    And every challenge leads to a new track.

    With a heart full of joy and a spirit so free,
    Let nothing dampen your journey ahead.
    Stay true to yourself, and blessed you shall be,
    As you go on, with every step forward led.

  10. Stay true to yourself, and blessed you shall be, As you go on, with every step forward led.

  11. The Blessing Of Age
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Age, oh age, a wondrous thing
    A blessing that life can bring
    Each year a gift we should adore
    To see another is what we should strive for

    Getting older means we've achieved
    Our dreams and goals, no longer deceived
    So let us celebrate each passing year
    For there are some who never make it here.

  12. The Blessing Of Friends
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Blessed with friends, my heart takes flight,
    They lift me up with their infinite might.
    Laughter, love, and all things bright,
    Our bond is pure, and our future's bright.

    Together we walk this blessed earth,
    Cherishing every moment of mirth.
    With open arms and hearts so true,
    My friends, oh how I'm grateful for you!

  13. The Biggest Blessing In Your Life
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Stop and consider, who is the light,
    That brightens up your darkest nights?
    Who brings joy with every smile,
    And makes you happy all the while?

    The biggest blessing in your life,
    Is everything but fortune or riches so rife.
    It's the person who cares and loves you true,
    Have you told them that today anew?

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