10 Poems About Friends

Friends are special people in our lives. Let these poems about friends remind you to appreciate them. Poetry has a way of expressing how much our friendships mean in our life.

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  1. A Friend To Me
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    A friend is one that truly cares and loves,
    My joys and sorrows they do see
    Unconditional acceptance, one that cares -
    � Despite my worst moments, still a friend to me.

    In good and in bad, they're always nearby- �
    Their faithfulness, always unconditional and kind;
    For who I am they acknowledge and accept- �
    My best, my worst, friendships I still find.

  2. A Friend Like You
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    A friend like you is special to me
    You're always positive and so happy.
    You listen when I need to talk,
    On your door, I can always knock.

    A friend like you is one of a kind
    Always time for me, you find.
    With a friend like you, I can always depend
    I pray our friendship never ends.

  3. Your Friendship
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    These times may come and go, my friend,
    Sometimes out of view like snow,
    For us, though nothing ever ends,
    Through every storm, you always show.

    Friendships may ebb and overflow,
    But when they do I often know
    That you're the one who'll stay aglow,
    Embrace the spark I did not sow.

    Your loyalty to me won't dent,
    In life's cycle somehow exempt;
    You've seen me at my weakest spent,
    Now joyous for your kind ascent.

    Though some move on and have their fears,
    A trusted partner through the years; �
    Your friendship is what brings us here,
    Thank you for beyond compare.

  4. Friends
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Friends, come in many forms
    Some stay with us through the storms.
    They walk beside us when life is tough,
    When times are sunny when times are rough.

    Friends can help defeat fear and doubt
    They make us laugh when we want to pout.
    And when we have reasons to soar
    They are there to open the door.

  5. In Faith We Stroll
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In faith, we stroll, side by side,
    A friendship anchored, a joyous ride.
    Sharing life's path, hand in hand,
    Together in Christ, on solid land.

    Through valleys low and mountains high,
    Our bond in Him, it'll never die.
    In laughter and tears, we find His grace,
    Walking together, in His embrace.

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  7. You Are A Blessing
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    You've been such a blessing in my life,
    Sharing laughter and sorrow too.
    Your presence means more than I can say,
    I have found such a treasure in you.

    Throughout all the highlights and the lows,
    You are always so true and kind.
    Every moment we share, let it be known;
    I appreciate you my friend of mind.

    No heartfelt words can fully express,
    My gratitude for your friendship, my dear.
    Your friendship means the world to me
    We have shared many a laugh and a few tears.

  8. my friend, we shared laughter and joy, sometimes tears and pain But we always see the sunshine after the rain.
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  9. Sunshine On A Rainy Day
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    A friend is like sunshine on a rainy day,
    Brightening up moments in life;
    Bringing joy that's far from mundane,
    Lifting our spirits, when all else causes strife.

    They're a rainbow among the clouds so grey,
    Lending an ear for all that needs to be said;
    Supporting us and helping us through,
    Encouraging us on, no matter what we dread.

  10. The Best Gift
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Life can bring many highs and lows,
    But a high is the feeling of having a friend close.

    Through thick and thin their hand is there to hold,
    Lifting spirits when you feel like you're going to fold.

    A great listener who never tires of a story or two,
    Smiles that light up one's heart when you're feeling blue.

    On happy occasions, they are right by your side,
    Confidantes to laugh and cry with while sharing life�s ride.

    Of all the blessings life has graced us with,
    A true friend is the best gift!

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  12. A Reason To Smile
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Friends give us a reason to smile,
    In times both good and bad;
    Memories of days gone by
    That never seems to fade.

    A friend is one that always stands tall,
    Reaching out to brighten our day;
    Laughter when joy seems far away -
    The light we need to encourage us along the way.

    We thank God for friends who lend an ear;
    Who holds us tightly while we cry.
    For friendship is priceless and so dear,
    Shining brightly like the sun in the sky.

  13. friendship is priceless and so dear, Shining brightly like the sun in the sky.

  14. Why Do We Forget?
    Poet: Julia Harris May

    When friends have done the loving deed
    Or reached the kindly hand,
    Or given help in time of need
    Why do we sometimes stand
    And check the flowing of the tears
    And keep the lips firm set
    Till love, indifference appears?
    Oh why do we forget?

    Do we forget? "Oh no! Oh no!
    The kindly deed we keep
    Within our hearts where'er we go,
    Or waking, or asleep."
    Then why not say the thankful word,
    And let the tear-drops flow?
    And show the depths within us stirred?
    Oh why dissemble so?

    We cannot tell, but this is true,
    With souls that deepest feel;
    We cannot do what we would do,
    Unwilling to reveal
    The measure of our sympathy,
    And so we sometimes let
    The friends we love most faithfully
    Think that we can forget.

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