9 Poems About Courage

Be encouraged by these poems about courage! These inspiring verses resonate with the strength and determination that lie within us all, reminding us to overcome life's challenges. It is our hope that these poems shall kindle the flames of hope, instilling in us the belief that courage is not merely a virtue but a shining beacon guiding us toward brighter tomorrows.

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  1. Courage
    Poet: Edgar Guest

    Courage isn't a brilliant dash,
    A daring deed in a moment's flash;
    It isn't an instantaneous thing
    Born of despair with a sudden spring
    It isn't a creature of flickered hope
    Or the final tug at a slipping rope;
    But it's something deep in the soul of man
    That is working always to serve some plan.

    Courage isn't the last resort
    In the work of life or the game of sport;
    It isn't a thing that a man can call
    At some future time when he's apt to fall;
    If he hasn't it now, he will have it not
    When the strain is great and the pace is hot.
    For who would strive for a distant goal
    Must always have courage within his soul.

    Courage isn't a dazzling light
    That flashes and passes away from sight;
    It's a slow, unwavering, ingrained trait
    With the patience to work and the strength to wait.
    It's part of a man when his skies are blue,
    It's part of him when he has work to do.
    The brave man never is freed of it.
    He has it when there is no need of it.

    Courage was never designed for show;
    It isn't a thing that can come and go;
    It's written in victory and defeat
    And every trial a man may meet.
    It's part of his hours, his days and his years,
    Back of his smiles and behind his tears.
    Courage is more than a daring deed:
    It's the breath of life and a strong man's creed.

  2. A Choice To Make
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In every heart, a choice to make,
    Where courage meets determination's wake.
    A path we forge, with resolute grace,
    As challenges arise, we boldly face.

    With strength of will, our spirits rise,
    Choosing courage, the fear defies.
    In every step, a choice we find,
    To be determined, and courage bind.

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  4. Courage Is Found
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Courage is not about taking risks blindly,
    But facing challenges with strength aplenty.
    It's about putting your will and might,
    In front of obstacles, shining bright.

    Others may shy away from the unknown,
    But you stand tall, seeds of courage sown.
    It's not reckless, a leap in the dark,
    But a steadfastness, a resilient spark.

    Courage can be found in small acts each day,
    In the face of fears, taking strides, they say.

  5. Solace In Courage
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In the realms where shadows lengthen and weigh,
    Where hope flickers in moments of dismay,
    We find solace in courage, fueled by might,
    To combat darkness that devours the light.

    With resilience, we brave each binding chain,
    Seeking triumph through valleys fraught with pain.
    In this solemn battle against all odds,
    Our hearts grow stronger; success applauds.

  6. Conquering Fear
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In shadows deep, where fear resides,
    Courage whispers, "Take the strides."
    With trembling heart, we face the night,
    Yet in our souls, a guiding light.

    Though fear may grow, and doubts may soar,
    Our spirit, resilient, seeks the shore.
    With every step, we break fear's chain,
    Emerging strong, through trials and pain.

    For in the face of the darkest night,
    Courage blooms, a beacon of light.
    With hope as our shield, we'll persevere,
    Conquering fear, banishing every tear.

  7. Steadfast Courage
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In the tempest of life�s fervent unrest,
    Where veins of struggle carve a path unkind,
    Lessons emerge and fortitude invest,
    For in such trials, true strength we find.

    Enduring souls, with courage steadfast,
    Persevere through sorrow's bitter maze.
    With unwavering resolve, they amass
    Success resplendent through the darkest days.

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  9. Courage Through Action
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Courage is not confined by fear's tight hold,
    But through action, its power unfolds.
    In the face of the unknown, we take a stand,
    Conquering fear with courage, hand in hand.

    The outcome uncertain, success not guaranteed,
    Yet we march forward, fueled by the need.
    To challenge our limits, to break through the wall,
    Embracing courage, standing tall.

    With each step we take, fear loses its might,
    As we defy its grip, shining a light.
    On the path of bravery, we forge our way,
    Knowing that courage leads us to a brighter day.

  10. Instilling Courage
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In depths of doubt, God whispers His grace,
    Instilling courage to rise and embrace,
    Through trials and tribulations, we find,
    New horizons set to etch in our mind.
    With unwavering faith, dreams come alive,
    He guides our steps with purpose to strive,
    May His light forever within us reside.

  11. In depths of doubt, God whispers His grace, Instilling courage to rise and embrace
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  12. Life
    Poet: Henry vanDyke

    Let me live my life from year to year,
    With forward face and unrelunctant soul;
    Not hurrying to nor turning from, the goal;
    Not mourning for the things that disappear
    In the dim past, nor holding back fear
    From what the future veils; But with a whole
    And a happy heart, that pays its toll
    To youth and Age And travels on with cheer.

    So let the way wind up the hill or down,
    O'er rough or smooth, the journey will be joy:
    Still seeking what I sought when but a boy,
    New friendship, high adventure, and a crown,
    My heart will keep courage of the quest,
    And hope the road's last turn will be the best

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