A Marriage Like Yours

Marriage comes in many different sizes and they are certainly not all the same. This poem talks about how different marriages can be and how what you may feel is not a good marriage may be perfectly acceptable in another. This is a great poem for a new couple just starting off to help them realize that not all marriages are made equal and that, that is okay.

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We all have expectations of what a marriage should be,
Full of surprises, not tied down, but still feeling free.
No need for any emotional disguises,
Marriages come in many different sizes.

We use our eyes and ears to view,
Other people who make do.
But the marriages we love to see,
Are those who always seem to agree.

They may not think the same at all,
They hardly ever need to brawl.
The important part of them you see,
Is they agree to disagree.

They understand each others point of view,
Support and walk in one anothers shoe.
They know being different is okay,
No matter what awaits the day.

They never try to be something their not,
And changing each other is not even a thought.
Being married does not change who you are,
Its adds to your life like a shinny star.
Julie Hebert

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