5 Wedding Day Poems

Share these wedding day poems with the newlyweds to celebrate their big day. A day to be always remembered!

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  1. The Big Day
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    I hear wedding bells in your future,
    Not too far off now.
    Soon your big day will be upon you,
    It will all come together somehow.

    It will be the white wedding of the season,
    As two hearts are joined in matrimony.
    Love felt and tears of joy will fill the air,
    Nothing fake or phony.

    Seats not sides will be chosen,
    As a new family will soon be born.
    A night of partying will then begin,
    We will all feel different in the morn.

    For richer or poorer, better or worse,
    The best is yet to come.
    Your love is one to tell to the world,
    I can't wait to see how strong your marriage becomes.

    I wish you a life, with a happy wife,
    And a husband who is free from despair.
    May this union be all you expect it to be,
    With a little bit of extra flare.

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  3. This Cherished Day
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    On this cherished day of love and delight,
    We stand together, hearts so bright.
    Anticipated and planned with tender care,
    A celebration of the love we both share.

    With friends and family gathered near,
    Our wedding day, oh so dear.
    May these memories forever endure,
    A day of joy and love so pure.

  4. Given Away
    Poet: G. M. Fitzgerald

    They tell me, gentle lady, that they deck thee for a bride,
    That the wreath is woven for thy hair, the bridegroom by thy side;
    And I think I hear thy father's sigh, thy mother's calmer tone.
    As they give thee to another's arms - their beautiful, their own.

    I never saw a bridal but my eyelid hath been wet,
    And it always seem'd to me as though a joyous crowd were met
    To see the saddest sight of all, a gay and girlish thing,
    Lay aside her maiden gladness - for a name - and for a ring.

    And other cares will claim thy thoughts, and other hearts thy love,
    And gayer friends may be around, and bluer skies above;
    Yet thou, when I behold thee next, may'st wear upon thy brow.
    Perchance, a mother's look of care for that which decks it now.

    And when I think how often I have seen thee, with thy mild
    And lovely look, and step of air, and bearing like a child,
    Oh! how mournfully, how mournfully the thought comes o'er my brain,
    When I think thou ne'er mayst be that free and girhsh thing again.

    I would that as my heart dictates, just such might be my lay.
    And my voice should be a voice of mirth, a music like the May;
    But it may not be! within my breast all frozen are the springs.
    The murmur dies upon my lip - the music on the strings.

    But a voice is floating round me, and it tells me in my rest,
    That sunshine may illume thy path, that joy shall be thy guest.
    That thy life shall be a summer's day, whose evening shall go down
    Like the evening in the Eastern clime, that never knows a frown.

    When thy foot is at the altar, when the ring hath press'd thy hand.
    When those thou lovest, and those that love thee, weeping round thee stand.
    Oh! may the verse that friendship weaves, like a spirit of the air.
    Be o'er thee at that moment - for a blessing and a prayer!

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  6. Congratulations
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    On this your wedding day, filled with love so true,
    May memories blend, both old and new.
    A union of hearts, to cherish and hold,
    Creating a future of stories untold.

    May joy and laughter be your constant guide,
    As you journey together, side by side.
    Here's to a lifetime of love that will never fade,
    Congratulations on this your wedding day.

  7. Here's to a lifetime of love that will never fade, Congratulations on this your wedding day.
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  8. Sweetly Sound The Wedding Bells
    Poet: Eliza Cook

    Twilight shade is calmly falling
    Round about the dew-robed flowers;
    Philomel's lone song is calling
    Lovers to their fairy bowers;
    Echo, on the zephyrs gliding.
    Bears a voice that seems to say,
    "Ears and hearts, come, list my tiding.
    This has been a wedding-day!"
    Hark! the merry chimes are pealing,
    Soft and glad the music swells;
    Gaily on the night-wind stealing
    Sweetly sound the wedding-bells.

    Every simple breast rejoices;
    Laughter rides upon the gale;
    Happy hearts and happy voices
    Dwell within the lowly vale.
    Oh, how sweet, on zephyrs gliding,
    Sound the bells that seem to say,
    ''Ears and hearts, come, list my tiding,
    This has been a wedding-day!"
    Hark! the merry chimes are pealing.
    Soft and glad the music swells;
    Gaily on the night-wind stealing.
    Sweetly sound the wedding- bells.

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