Wedding Of The Season

Many happy wishes for the newlywed couple is portrayed in this poem along with some wedding phrases or expressions which are bolded for an easier find. Use this poem however you feel it can be helpful. We hope it brings joy to whomever you share it with.

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I hear wedding bells in your future,
Not too far off now.
Soon your
big day will be upon you,
It will all come together somehow.

It will be the
white wedding of the season,
two hearts are joined in matrimony .
Love felt and tears of joy will fill the air,
Nothing fake or phoney.

Seats not sides will be chosen,
As a new family will soon be born.
A night of partying will then begin,
We will all feel different in the morn.

For richer or poorer, better or worse ,
The best is yet to come .
Your love is one to tell to the world,
I can't wait to see how strong your marriage becomes.

I wish you a life, with a happy wife,
And a husband who is free from despair.
May this union be all you expect it to be,
With a little bit of extra flare.
Julie Hebert

Thanks for reading our poem. We hope it is to your liking. Feel free to use it in a toast, card or part of a gift.

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