Challenges Of Retirement

Life is full of challenges and new beginnings. Retirement is no different. This poem discusses how to make retirement a challenged to get out there and start something new and exciting. How we have to be okay with the unexpected and embrace it.

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Retirement is like becoming a new mother,
Without the hassles and challenges of raising a child
You feel like youíve been thrown into a different life,
Far from what is familiar and wild.

Donít worry if times feel strange at first,
Youíll soon find your way.
A little soul searching is all you need,
Then youíll certainly be more than okay.

Think about all the things you have done,
And the things you would like to.
This is the time to try new things,
See if you're more talented than you knew.

Also take the time to reconnect,
With friends and family who drifted.
Life has a way to pulling people apart,
Your life can now be shifted.

Let retirement to be a little wild,
Go with the flow.
Allow yourself to go as fast as you want,
And be okay with it going slow.
Julie Hebert

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