Funny Poems For Anniversary

Funny poems about anniversary recaps hilarious moments in a couple's anniversary traditions or non-traditional celebrations. Let these poems bring smiles and warmth to your sweetheart.

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  1. Anniversary Fun
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    On our anniversary, we do more than the norm,
    No embracing or fancy gifts will we perform.
    Instead, we create traditions that are quite absurd,
    For laughter and joy, the only words heard.

    We start the day by donning outrageous attire,
    From funny hats to neon jumpsuits, our attire is dire.
    With laughter erupting as we gaze in the mirror,
    We know this anniversary will be better than ever.

    Next, comes the prank that we both eagerly await,
    To see who can outwit and leave the other in a hilarious state.
    From whoopee cushions hidden on each other's chair,
    To squirting flowers that leave us soaking wet hair.

    At dinner, we forget fancy restaurants or five-star venues,
    Instead, we opt for a fast-food feast, no fancy menus.
    Eating burgers and fries, with ketchup smeared on our nose,
    We laugh uncontrollably, forgetting all our woes.

  2. Bubble and Suds
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    On your anniversary day, what a sight!
    You argued on stacking dishes right,
    Till the dishwasher groaned and sighed,
    Broke down in a fit, no chance to hide.

    With soapy hands and hearts afire,
    You washed the dishes, no need for ire.
    Laughing at the mess you'd made,
    Your love stronger, not one to fade.

    In bubbles and suds, you found delight,
    In mishaps turning into quite the sight.
    For in your funny love stories, you see,
    Laughter and romance, eternally free.

  3. Anniversary Mishaps
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    On your special day, what a twist!
    Roses wilted, cake went amiss.
    Your anniversary, what a sight,
    With mishaps turning day to night.

    The roses drooped, petals fell,
    Their beauty lost, oh what the hell!
    The cake, a masterpiece, a dream so sweet,
    But off the backseat, it took a leap.

    Splattered mess, icing everywhere,
    Your laughter echoed in the air.
    For in these mishaps, you found joy,
    A bond unbroken, nothing could destroy.

    So on this day of twists and turns,
    Your love still bright, forever burns.
    With laughter and love, you find your way,
    In mishaps, you'll always sway.

  4. So on this day of twists and turns, Your love still bright, forever burns.
    Anniversary Poems

  5. A Marriage So Grand
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In a quaint little town, a marriage so grand,
    A couple celebrated, hand in hand.
    Their anniversary called for laughter and cheer,
    With gifts that brought joy, and jokes aplenty, my dear.

    First, a box of sponges, oh what a surprise,
    For washing the car, with laughter that flies.
    No need for a hose, just a bit of elbow grease,
    And laughter will follow, oh, what a release!

    Next came a cap, with words bold and bright,
    "Serve Me To The End", what a comical sight!
    A playful jab at roles, in this funny game,
    Bringing smiles and chuckles, they'll never be the same.

    A dancing robot, with moves so absurd,
    Perfect for laughs, with every single word.
    It grooves and it shakes, like no other can,
    Creating a spectacle, makes everyone a fan.

    Last but not least, a crazy garden gnome,
    With a mischievous smile, he'll roam and roam.
    Bringing mischief and laughter, wherever he may go,
    A gift that keeps giving, this gnome steals the show.

    So, on this anniversary, full of wit and glee,
    These gifts will bring laughter, for all to see.
    With sponges, caps, and robots to satisfy a funny itch,
    And a gnome in the garden, fulfilling every wish.

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