9 Poems About Fear

Be encouraged by these poems about fear, may they help you rise above the things that you fear. Fear, an unwelcome companion in life's journey, has the power to immobilize us.

Yet, in the darkest moments, we find ourselves faced with a choice: to succumb to the grip of fear, allowing worry to strip away our strength and care, or to summon the courage within, embracing fear as a catalyst for growth. It is in this moment of decision that our attitude becomes a guiding light, determining whether we tread the path of positivity and hope, pressing forward despite fear's looming shadow, or yield to its paralyzing weight, forever bound by apprehension.

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  1. Fear Is Destroyed
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    With an action attitude, fear is destroyed,
    Its grip on our minds, no longer employed.
    For those who allow it to dominate thought,
    Self-defeatism prevails, dreams are fraught.

    But armed with determination and belief,
    Positivity blooms like a vibrant wreath.
    Optimism conquers the shadows within,
    Breathing life into aspirations, we begin.

  2. Fear, Once Mighty
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Fear, once mighty, now diminished in grace,
    Defeated and vanquished with encouragement's embrace,
    No longer do shadows cast a haunting dread,
    For optimism rises, fear's power soon will shred.

    Like waves upon the shore, relentless against the land,
    Continuous encouragement wears down fear's sturdy hand.
    With hope as our weapon, we stand tall and strong,
    Believing that courage will always conquer all wrong.

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  4. Brave The Future
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In the shadows of life's endless tide,
    Fears and uncertainties swiftly glide.
    Yet, let us not despair nor weep,
    For courage and hope shall guide our leap.

    With every step, doubts may persist,
    But let's acknowledge what they consist.
    Through virtues, we'll find a way,
    To brave the future, come what may.

  5. An Opponent
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In life's great journey, where courage is sought,
    Fear, a worthy opponent, shadows each thought.
    But those who are brave, their hearts unafraid,
    Harness the power within, undeterred and unfazed.

    For courage resides not in absence of fear,
    Rather in valorously facing it near.
    With fiery spirits ablaze in their core,
    They transcend the taste of fear forevermore!

  6. Angels At My Side
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In fear's liars, my heart once stood,
    But now, embrace both gleam and hood,
    For death ne'er meets these faltered eyes,
    Angels at my side, their souls arise.

    On wings of light, they lift me high,
    Guiding me toward a sacred sky,
    Fear's shadow fades as heaven unfolds,
    My soul ascends on journeys untold.

  7. God's Sweet Grace
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In shadows' grasp, where fear does dwell,
    There comes a light, a wondrous spell,
    For God's sweet grace, knows no bounds,
    Like whispered solace, love resounds.

    It banishes worry, sets hearts free,
    With arms of comfort, it shields thee.
    This broken world finds healing's embrace,
    God's grace abounds, in every place.

  8. Fear Fading
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    On that wobbly bicycle, I did sway,
    With trembling hands, on that fateful day.
    The fear of falling gripped my beating heart,
    But determination urged me to start.

    Pedals pushed down, off I went in a flash,
    Fear fading fast as confidence clashed.
    Success embraced me with arms held wide,
    I peddled like mad with progress my guide!

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  10. Lurking Shadows
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Fear and worry, siblings bound by blood,
    Lurking shadows in our minds they flood.
    One consumes, stifles with its grip tight,
    While the other beckons us to fight.

    Fear paralyzes, chains us in despair,
    And worry takes away our strength and care.
    Accepting both as kin we see they are no good,
    Embracing hope, we rise above, as we should.

  11. Fear paralyzes, chains us in despair, And worry takes away our strength and care.
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  12. Catalyst For Growth
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In the realm of endless possibilities we roam,
    Change, the catalyst for growth we should welcome home.
    For in its essence lies the power to ignite,
    A spark within our souls that burns ever so bright.

    Explanation unlocks the mysteries yet unseen,
    Understanding transforms what once was routine.
    With eager hearts and minds open wide,
    Positive outcomes shall forever be our guide.

    So let us embrace change with boundless glee,
    With each new challenge, we shall surely see,
    Opportunities shining brightly ahead,
    As we dance into the future, unafraid.

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