Bridal Shower Invitation

Use one of our poems in your bridal shower invitation. These will add a bit of a different flair to your invite. Some are funny, some are full of love but all of the poems are one that will make the bride feel loved as you throw a bridal shower for her.

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Not So Lame
Poet: Julie Hebert

Bridal Showers can be so lame,
But not this one you see.
We have changed things up a bit,
I hope you'll attend and agree.

We plan to share great stories,
Of how this couple met.
This story is like no other,
The bride is going to sweat.

We will add to the punch,
To give it a bit of zip.
And many yummy treats,
Dont forget to taste the dip.

Well chat and reminisce,
About things far in the past.
Talk about the wedding,
And a toast will be made last.

She'll get to open gifts,
And we hope she'll love them all.
If she had registered, all will be okay,
It's like having your own magic eight ball.

You'll get a chance to reconnect,
But don't worry no game play.
A bridal shower not like the rest,
Come celebrate this magic day.

Save The Date
Poet: C. A. Lynch

A bridal shower we are throwing
For the bride who will be glowing
We hope you can come and celebrate
So today save the date!

The bride to be will be so pleased
Although she may be teased
It will all be done,
With love and good fun.

So we hope you can attend
Well wishes we want to extend
We want to share with her
How much she's loved and adored.

Celebrating The Bride To Be
Poet: Samatha C. Ringle

We are celebrating the bride to be
Join us for a cup of tea
As we celebrate and wish
Our bride to be much happiness.

We will have some lunch
For some of you, it could be brunch!
But no matter what we eat
For the bride to be it will be a treat.

Please join us as we wish her well
And let her know we think she's swell
It will be day that will be
Full of happy memories.

Many Blessings
Poet: C. A. Lynch

A wedding has been being planned
As our bride will take his hand
And together they will commit
A love for each other they will admit.

But before that big day
We want to gather and say
We wish the couple love and cheer
For their wedding day is near.

A get together is a way
For us to help her on her big day
Laughter and well wishes we will share
To let her know how much we care.

We hope that you can attend
To celebrate this special friend
As she prepares for new beginnings
We wish her many blessings.

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