Retirement Sorrows

We all know how exciting and scary retirement can be. This poem pokes fun at changes from work life to retirement that most people will encounter. When we are in our working life we fantasize about what retirement will be like but when retirement hits, some of us miss the structure that working brought us. Of course, retirement is a happy time for most, but it does come with some challenges. This retirement poem talks about some of those issues.

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Retirement is not for the faint of heart,
Once started it doesn't end.
It hits you all at once you know,
No more days off, it never ends.

Calling in sick is no longer a thing,
When you are sick you have to suck it up.
Your retirement doesn't go on hold,
Just because you need a checkup.

Booking vacations won't be the same,
No approvals are needed anymore.
The excitement and hoping for a break in the year,
Now seems so much more like a chore.

Don't get me started on the money difference,
You won't have any, that is the truth.
The days of splurging and vacationing aboard,
Are now memories from your youth.

But wait, don't you worry, there are good things to come.
Retirement never ends.
That in itself is a wonderful thing,
You have all the time in the world for family and friends!
Julie Hebert

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