The Honest Man's Fate

This poem deplicts a man, a father who feel the stress and concern for raising his growing family. He so desprately wants to be a honest man who can be trusted but feels the pressure of society. This poem was written in the late 1800's and although time has passed and things have changed dramatically, there is still so much pressure on parents. Fathers put so much pressure on themselves to be strong and a good provider. We can't forget to celebrate them in any way we can and to thank them for their sacrifices.

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Friends have advised me to give up my plan
And shun the sad fate of the honest man.
They tell me 'tis hard, his comforts are few,
And what they tell me I know to be true;
But still I prefer to stick to my plan,
And cherish the fate of the honest man.

I have dear children to clothe and to feed,
And a father's love that knows what they need,
Grief comes to my heart, gray hairs on my head,
For fear I will fail to keep them in bread,
Yet I am trying to do what I can,
And cherish the fate of the honest man.

My wife is gloomy, down-hearted and sad,
She fears my troubles will make me go mad,
Poor soul,she don't know how heavy the weight
That hangs on my heart and threatens my fate.
Still I'm determined to do what I can,
And cherish the fate of the honest man.

Debts overwhelm me and creditors call,
No more can I pay, they already have all.
The sheriff may come to bleed me afresh,
And take by the law one pound of my flesh;
But now, nor never, will I change my plan,
For I cherish the fate of the honest man.

In liquid poisons I do not indulge,
Nor by vile language my weakness divulge :
From labor and right I never do quail,
And still my efforts continue to fail,
Yet I keep trying to do what I can
To merit the fate of the honest man.

0, God of the poor, extend thy good word,
And grant the honest a better reward,
Save them fromShylocks, temptation and pain,
Make troubles on earth in heaven their gain,
O, give me the strength to live by my plan,
And die the proud death of the honest man.
Crocket McElroy

If this poem spoke to you the same way it did me, please feel free to use it to help celebrate the man in your life. You may also find it useful in writing your own poem.

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