St. Patrick's Day Blessing

The Irish and Irish alike love to celebrate St. Patricks Day even if you have no Irish decent in you. This poem is all about the celebration and blessings that coming during the fun holiday. Send this poem to invite someone to the party or as a Irish Blessing

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You may not be Irish,
And that is okay,
But if you are Irish,
Today is your lucky day!

St. Patricks day,
Can be celebrated by all.
No matter your heritage,
Or if you are big or small.

It's the day of the leprechaun,
And the pot of gold.
Rainbows you follow,
To find what has been foretold.

Blessings are exchanged,
With words of luck in tow.
Find a four leaf clover,
And you'll instantly feel "whoa"!

So no matter if you are Irish,
Today is a magical day.
To believe in luck and magic,
To go out, have fun and play.

Happy St. Patricks day,
To you and yours all around.
May you float through life happily,
Never treading and never drown.

May many blessings find you,
May your life never be flawed.
If trouble happens to find you,
May it be stopped by the grace of God.
Julie Hebert

In the spirit of St. Patricks Day, May this poem be what is needed to share your Irish blessings with those who are close to your heart.

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