8 Poems About Hope

Be inspired by these poems about hope. May these poems encourage you to never give up hope, especially in difficult times.

Whether youíre feeling down or discouraged, these poems will remind you that hope gives you the inspiration to keep going.

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  1. With Hope Proceed
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    Life is no garden of grace and ease,
    As many struggles do impede;
    Taking away our pleasurable peace,
    But with hope, we must proceed.

    Persistence and determination yield,
    When every road appears to be dead;
    There is always renewed hope revealed,
    Giving us the strength to tread.

    It's easy in times of harsh woe,
    To feel that nothing matters anymore;
    But if you keep moving forward with hope
    You will succeed and cope!

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  3. A Ray Of Hope
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    Beneath the clouds of gloom and dread,
    A ray of hope appears instead.

    Lifeís hardships can impose a weight,
    But look towards the brighter fate.

    When storms arise your heart to break,
    The sun will still be found to wake.

    No matter how dark an hour may seem,
    Hope will move you forward full steam!

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  5. Don't Lose Hope
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    Take a breath,
    Don't focus on the wrong.
    Take heart and know
    That you can be strong.

    Look to the skies
    And embrace the sun rising new
    Your day is so full of potential,
    See it come into view.

    Feel the excitement of a fresh start
    To face each day with ease
    Don't lose hope, take this chance
    And see it through as you please.

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  7. Today Hope We Bring
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    Yesterday's forgotten, today hope we bring.
    In life's precious moments, a heart can sing.
    Put effort in each day and don't fret so,
    Have hope and continue to go.

    Change happens when effort meets intent,
    Be mindful of action and be ever relent.
    Focus on how to create a better day,
    Fill your time with hope and joy instead of dismay.

  8. Hope is like the sun, it will always rise again no matter how dark the night may seem.
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  9. Hope Or Anxiety
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    Hope eases the pressure
    and lessens the strain.
    Anxiety creates stress
    And is a big drain.

    On promises of better days, †
    Faith and hope should not wane. †
    In hope, we can find solace,
    Anxiety is in vain.

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  11. Your Only Hope
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    God is not the cause, of your troubles and woes
    When all else fails and everything goes.

    Know that you can turn to Him above
    Your only hope is to rise up and feel His love. †

    God will never leave us to just drift away
    Throughout lifeís storms, He will stay.

    Do not be discouraged by lifeís events,
    know that on God we can always depend.

    God is not the cause of all that is painful
    Never lose hope as God is always faithful.

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  13. Marriage Hopes And Dreams
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    As you stand there all aglow,
    Like the light of a morning sunrise,
    And take His hand to make your vows,
    Your future's ready, in front of your eyes.

    May all hopes and dreams in life be true,
    Year-round joy and contentment too.
    The harmony between both of you,
    Let your hopes begin anew!

    You are surrounded by much love today,
    As through the moments you together sway.
    But most of all may its bliss never stray, †
    May all your hopes and dreams come true, starting today!

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  15. Hope Awaits
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    Weíve been through tough times, itís true and clear,
    When the worry seeps in and chokes us with fear.
    But even in the darkness and shadows of night,
    Hope awaits like a beacon of light.

    Though life may seem cold and unkind,
    Warmth can be found in the hearts of mankind.
    Amidst tumultuous times we can still find a way,
    To press on, bursting into the brightest of days.

    For hope is born in moments of trouble
    If you lose hope, your troubles could double.
    Optimism can fuel your expectations
    It can help you move forward with preparations.

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