14 Poems About Expectations

Be inspired by these poems about expectations. Expectations, like colorful threads, weave themselves intricately into the fabric of our lives.

Our expectations are manifested in various forms: the hopes and aspirations we hold for ourselves, the expectations placed upon us by others, and the anticipation that accompanies holidays and special occasions.

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  1. Expect With God
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    God's love for us is boundless and true,
    His grace and mercy always come through.
    With every challenge, He carries us higher,
    And fills our hearts with a burning desire.

    His plans for us are greater than we know,
    More than we could ever imagine, His power will show.
    So let us embrace each day with faith and hope,
    And expect with God's help, we shall always cope.

  2. Expect Dreams To Come True
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    With every step, I take each day,
    My dreams seem closer in every way.
    I work hard and stay focused too,
    Knowing my perseverance will see me through.

    Expectations that one day they'll come true,
    Keeps my heart full and spirits anew.
    So I push forward, with hope in sight,
    And trust that everything will turn out right.

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  4. Expectations Of Marriage
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Promises made, with love and care
    Expectations high, to always be there
    To hold hands till age turns frail
    To share the joy and endure the travail

    With every vow, a hope so pure
    Keeping them is our only cure
    A sacred bond that stands the test of time
    In marriage, expectations are sublime.

  5. Expectations After Graduation
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Graduation arrives with immense cheer,
    Ambitious thoughts, and hopeful tears.
    Expectations soar and dreams take flight,
    The future holds great promise, dazzling and bright.

    But time marches on, days turn into years,
    Reality bites, revealing hidden fears.
    Navigating life's challenges with grit and grace,
    We learn that success isn't just about the rat race.

  6. Navigating life's challenges with grit and grace, We learn that success isn't just about the rat race.
    quotes about expectations

  7. Christmas Anticipation
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    At Christmastime, our hopes run high,
    Anticipation fills the air.
    We dream of snowflakes drifting by,
    Of carols sung with joyful flare.

    But more than gifts beneath the tree,
    We long for peace and love to reign.
    May this Christmas set hearts free
    And bring a world without pain.

  8. Retirement Expectations
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Retirement beckons, a new phase of life
    Work in rearview, peace free from strife
    Days to be spent on pursuits that bring joy
    Time with loved ones, no deadline ploy

    Savings and planning have paved the way
    Expectations high for each passing day
    Memories to make, and dreams to pursue
    Retirement holds the promise of something new.

  9. New Year Expectations
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    As the clock strikes twelve, we all cheer
    A new year, a fresh start, it's finally here
    Expectations are high, hopes in tow
    Dreams to achieve, new paths to pursue, and grow

    But amidst all the cheers and joyous sound
    We must remember that in life, no guarantees are found
    We'll face some highs, some lows along the way
    It's our persistence and determination that'll make us stay.

  10. We'll face some highs, some lows along the way It's our persistence and determination that'll make us stay.
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  11. Expectations Of Life
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Expectations of life, we all have them in mind
    From the smallest moments to the grandest design
    We set our sights high and aim for the stars
    With perseverance and resilience, we break through the bars

    Life may present challenges, but we remain steadfast
    Positivity and hope will surely last
    Our expectations become a reality with time
    As we embrace each moment with joy so sublime.

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  13. Expectations Of Love
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    My heart remains open, a vessel for love
    Expectations are high, yet realistic thereof
    I seek not perfection in an elusive mate
    But rather kindness, respect, and shared fate

    The idea of love brings joy to my heart
    A meaningful connection, from the very start
    Patience is key, as trust begins to bloom
    With positive expectations, love will come soon.

  14. Grandma's Expectations
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Grandma's words hold weight and truth,
    Her expectations build like roots.
    She sees potential where others don't,
    And pushes us to reach far beyond.

    In her eyes, we can do great things,
    And with her guidance, we spread our wings.
    Her belief in us is unwavering and true,
    With Grandma's expectations, we can break through.

  15. Teachers Mighty Expectations
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Teachers with mighty expectations,
    Champions of knowledge and dedication,
    Sowing seeds of hope, passion, and goals,
    Guiding young minds to achieve their roles.

    With kindness, empathy, and patience as traits,
    They mold students into industry's greats,
    Their legacy is eternal, their impact immense,
    Teachers make tomorrow's leaders hence.

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  17. Mom's Expectations
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    With love comes responsibility,
    So mom's expectations never fail to be,
    Guiding me with her wise words,
    And telling me to always seek the good,
    For with each step of my path she sees,
    And knows what I can truly be.

  18. Expectations Soar With the Love Of Dad
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    A father's role is one of great might,
    A provider, protector, and guide of light.
    An example for his children to follow,
    His love and guidance will not be hollow.

    With steadfastness and dedication, he abounds,
    Supporting their dreams and helping them around.
    Expectations soar with the love of a dad,
    His integral part providing growth not fads.

  19. Expectations soar with the love of a dad, His integral part providing growth not fads.

  20. Grandpa Exceeds Expectations
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Oh Grandpa, how you bring us cheer
    With your loving hugs and wise words so dear
    Your presence brings joy to all in sight
    And fills our hearts with such delight

    You never fail to exceed expectations
    Bringing laughter and smiles without hesitation
    We're grateful for all the love you bestow
    Grandpa, you truly make our hearts glow.

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