7 Motherhood Poems

Be inspired by these Motherhood poem written as expressions of mothers. Motherhood is the most important role that any woman can do. Raising up the next generation is an honor that Mothers worldwide perform.

A good thought about motherhood was written in the late 1800s, by P. H. Murdick, and it still holds true today:

"Never in the history of the human race was the "hand that rocks the cradle" held in higher respect than to-day. Never was motherhood more honored or more honorable.

A careful study of great men's lives will reveal that much of their force of character they owe to their mother. What is known of Lincoln's mother is so meager that it makes a bare-looking picture, but enough is known to make it certain that she gave to the world one of the noblest of men, and that he was noble largely because of the influence of his mother."

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  1. Motherhood
    Poet: Unknown

    The partnership with God is Motherhood,
    What strength, what purity, what self-control,
    What love, what wisdom shall belong to her
    Who helps God fashion an immortal soul.

  2. A Trinity of Motherhood
    Poet: Fred Clare Baldwin

    A mother's love - its meaning who can measure,
    Or who such depths of hallowed mystery sound?
    Outside the heart of God so rich a treasure
    Has never yet been found!

    A mother's face - all radiant and resplendent
    Where memory guards the shrine with watchful care!
    What master hand e'er wrought with touch transcendent
    A thing so wondrous fair?

    A mother's kiss - oh, how its impress lingers
    Through all the change that o'er one's soul may creep!
    It thrills me now as these poor trembling fingers
    The chords of memory sweep!

  3. Mothers Of The World
    Poet: Ella Wheeler Wilcox

    Lord, give the mothers of the world
    More love to do their part;
    That love which reaches not alone
    The children made by birth their own.
    But every childish heart.
    Wake in their souls true motherhood,
    Which aims at universal good.

  4. Motherhood
    Poet: Wallace Rice

    Oh, children, more than angels ye;
    Of blossoms more than bud;
    And, perfecting perfection, see!
    With you goes Motherhood.

  5. All Hopes And Loves
    Poet: Mary Frances Butts

    All hopes and loves unworthy
    Fade out at this sweet hour,
    All pure and noble longings
    Renew their holy power;
    For Christ, who in the Virgin
    Our motherhood has blest.
    Is near to every woman
    With a baby on her breast.

  6. Tired Mothers
    Poet: Unknown

    A little tired elbow leans upon your knee,-
    Your tired knee that has so much to bear;
    A child's dear eyes are looking lovingly
    From underneath a thatch of tangled hair.
    Perhaps you do not heed the velvet touch
    Of warm, moist fingers holding you so tight;
    You do not prize the blessing overmuch, -
    You almost are too tired to pray to-night.

    But it is blessedness! A year ago
    I did not see it as I do to-day -
    We are all so dull and thankless, and too slow
    To catch the sunshine as it slips away.
    And now it seems surpassing strange to me
    That while I wore the badge of motherhood,
    I did not kiss more oft and tenderly
    The little child that brought me only good.

  7. Home Is Her Kingdom
    Poet: L. M. Montgomery

    Home is her kingdom, love is her dower;
    She seeks no other wand of power
    To make home sweet, bring heaven near,
    To win a smile and wipe a tear
    And do her duty day by day
    In her own quiet place and way.

    Around her childish hearts are twined,
    As with some reverend saint enshrined,
    And following hers the childish feet
    Are led to ideals true and sweet
    And find all purity and good
    In her divinest motherhood.

    She keeps her faith unshadowed still;
    God rules the world in good and ill;
    Men in her creed are brave and true
    And women pure as pearls of dew,
    And life for her is high and grand
    By work and glad endeavor spanned.

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