10 Poems About Dreams

Let these poems about dreams encourage you to pursue your dreams to live the life you desire. Dreams can be a reality if we turn them into goals and take action. You are never too young or too old to bring your dreams to life.

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  1. Dreams That Linger
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Dreams that linger in the night,
    Take firm action in the light.
    From imagining to doing is the way,
    Firmly decide what you will say.

    Time and effort are important not to waste,
    Your aspirations that day you will taste.
    Right attitude, determination, and courage true,
    Bring your dreams into being is due.

  2. Life Possibilities
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Let your dreams drive you forward,
    Don't let them just drift away,
    Where could they take you tomorrow?
    You won't know 'til you take the first step today.

    Breathe life into what your heart yearns for,
    Forget about tomorrow's "what ifs" and "maybes",
    � Take a risk to get where you want to go,
    With confidence striding toward life's possibilities.

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  4. Don't Let Age Stop Your Dreams
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    I'll never let age bind me, and I fear no golden years;
    I'll reach for goals that find me, to rise above the tears.
    For my faith is still strong, and my dreams remain clear;
    An ambitious heart so longs, to see what's far from here.

    My will to act will stay tall, soaring over any doubt;
    I'm never too old to dream tall, nor ever past pushing out.
    Though death may come sooner or late, I'll squeeze life for every drop;
    I will work on my dreams, for them I will not swap.

  5. Retirement Dreams
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Time to retire, dreamers rejoice,
    You now have moments, pause, and poise,
    Work on your dreams, in all its degrees,
    Set your pace and enjoy the ease. �

    A time for you to make right true,
    The goals of life which once felt so blue,
    Take up a challenge grand and new
    Live the life you have drawn out for you.

  6. Long-Held Dreams
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    As I take off my cap and gown,
    I feel pride yet unsure but strong.
    Turning the tassel with a sigh,
    it�s time for ambitions to fly.

    Memories of this past four years,
    filled with laughter, tears, and fears,
    give me hints of what will come,
    on this journey to future success begun.

    The long-held dreams are now within my reach, �
    as I face the next big chapter in pursuit of each.

  7. Keep Focused On Your Dream
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    If dreams are to be true
    The action to accomplish this must come from you
    You have what it takes, move forward this day
    Keep the focus on your dream, from it don't sway.

    No dream is too high if you take hold
    Steady yourself and reach for your goals
    Though troubles may try to seize control
    Stay firm and maintain the drive of your soul. �

    Know that if you are bold enough
    To climb the highest peak
    Your dreams will one day come true
    Without fail as sure as you speak.

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  9. Distant Visions
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Dreams are but distant visions,
    Strange and surreal renderings of the mind.
    Too many times we sit back,
    And allow them to pass on by.

    Action is what's needed now,
    The pressure to move forward must arise.
    Turn the dreams into action plans,
    Continue moving even when you tire.

    Resolve your will each day anew,
    Turn those distant dreams into reality.
    Don't just dream, take action too!
    And success will soon be attainable to thee.

  10. Don't just dream, take action too! And success will soon be attainable to thee.
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  11. Motivation Through A Dream
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    God�s grace and mercy flow from up above.
    He offers true motivation through a dream or wish.
    Regardless of the challenge ahead, you must stay tough.
    You will face struggles but with focus, they can diminish.

    God provides strength when you feel weak,
    Enabling a vision that's yours to keep.
    Never forget this blessing bestowed on thee;
    � Thank God for the blessings that He does heap.

  12. Dreams Come Alive
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Dreams possess the power to bring alive
    Fantasies and hopes with passion that thrive.
    The thought of having yours come true in life
    Will ignite a fire so vividly bright.

    Stay motivated, take action and it will near,
    Setting alight a brighter future to cheer. �
    An everlasting light of joy is surely possible yet�
    Dream then your goals do set.

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  14. Share Dreams
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    Dancing through joyous moments and sharing in sorrow,
    Unconditional loving will see us through tomorrow.

    Caring, laughing and forging new paths ahead,
    With love at our sides, all times will be led.

    Marriage is a desire to share dreams abound,
    A beautiful joining with no boundaries profound.

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