To The Memory

This poem is a lovely descriptive of a memory of a loved one. Use this poem as a example of how to write your own memory verse or change some of the details if need be to make this poem work for your needs.

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Come listen, friends, the while I paint
Upon your hearts a picture true,
Of one whose love was never faint,
But full and strong and true to you.

No master's skill can I command,
To imitate a face so fair,
But love will help to guide my hand,
And draw the lines with tender care.

First I will mark those large bright eyes,
So full of life, so full of cheer,
Sparkling with love yet meek and wise,
Touching our hearts to draw them near.

That noble brow I next observe,
Fountain of thoughts so pure and sweet,
Teaching us all the way to serve
Our fellow men whene'er we meet.

Now as a whole I will define,
That pleasant smile, that charming face,
That beams with joy in ev'ry line,
And wraps our hearts in love's embrace.

Oft have we felt the friendly glow,
That bubbled from her gen'rous soul,
Like as a spring whose overflow,
Yields cooling draughts to make us whole.

Her tender voice no more is heard,
Her friendly acts and pleasant way,
Her gentle hand and soothing word,
Are gone away, all gone away.

But graven on our aching hearts,
Her loving face is firmly cast,
And fortune's sway, nor sorrow's darts,
Can wash it out while life doth last.
Crocket McElroy

This poem was obviously written about someone very special to the poet. Whether it be a friend, relative or spouce, this poem paints a lovely picture of this person, inside and out. Use this poem to help you paint a picture of someone you love in poem form or if this poem paints a simiar picture to yours, you can use it in a card or to read during a memorial or funeral service.

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