6 Funeral Poems For A Friend

Be uplifted by these funeral poems for a friend. Celebrate your friends life, while at the same time realizing how much you will miss them. We hope our poems express your thoughts about a friend who you have lost.

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  1. To Me You're All Around
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    When I remember you,
    I pretend youre all around.
    You are the trees above me,
    As I sit down on the ground.

    You are the clouds that move,
    In the sky high above.
    There are many things you may be,
    Could you be that flying dove?

    I know in my heart you're in heaven,
    Looking down as I look up.
    But I also know youre all around me,
    Which is why you may be that pup.

    Wondering if youre these objects,
    Makes me feel as if you're still here.
    I cant help but wish youre still around me,
    As you were always so very dear.

  2. Our Friend
    Poet: Caleb Davis Bradlee

    Our friend has passed away to God,
    Her work is done below;
    And now held up by Staff and Rod,
    She all things grand will know.

    Faithful were all her deeds and ways,
    Gentle and true her heart;
    Right nobly has she passed her days,
    For Christ has been her chart.

    She loved to do her very best,
    And tried to help us all,
    And, by the Rock of Ages blest,
    Her peace on us did fall.

    When sickness came, she bowed her head,
    And said, Thy will be done!
    Prostrate and helpless, on her bed
    A mighty grace was won.

    Friends beloved stood around and near,
    And helped her bear the blow;
    She filled them all with holy cheer,
    And sweet content did show.

    But now she's gone where joy is found,
    She waits for us Above,
    And stands on consecrated ground,
    Saved by a God of Love.

  3. Goodbye My Friend
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    Today I must say goodbye,
    To someone I will miss.
    I wish things had gone another way,
    Our time together was bliss.

    Ill honor and remember you,
    From now until Im gone.
    My memories will comfort me,
    Until the wake of dawn.

    So while you wait upon the clouds,
    Know one day we will meet.
    And when that day arrives for us,
    It will be something sweet.

    Well reminisce among the clouds,
    And talk of greater days.
    Until then friend remember me,
    One day Ill find my way.

  4. My Heart Is Sad
    Poet: Caleb Davis Bradlee

    My heart is sad to-day, I know not why,
    Save a few days ago a star did fall,
    And light and joy were gone from heart and eye,
    And shadows seemed to creep on one and all!

    Sick ones wept aloud for the friend no more
    To meet them in the hour of want and pain,
    For the one who had left the earthly shore,
    Whom in the flesh they ne'er should greet again.

    Those who joined in his daily deeds of love,
    Who sought his help, to whom he looked for light,
    Gazed sadly at the open gate above,
    As, all at once, he vanished from their sight.

  5. Until We Meet Again
    Poet: Henry W. Longfellow

    Until we meet again! That is the meaning
    Of the familiar words, that men repeat
    At parting in the street.
    Ah yes, till then! but when death intervening
    Rends us asunder, with what ceaseless pain
    We wait for the Again!

    The friends who leave us do not feel the sorrow
    Of parting, as we feel it, who must stay
    Lamenting day by day.
    And knowing, when we wake upon the morrow,
    We shall not find in its accustomed place

    The one beloved face.
    It were a double grief, if the departed.
    Being released from earth, should still retain
    A sense of earthly pain;
    It were a double grief, if the true-hearted,
    Who loved us here, should on the farther shore
    Remember us no more.

    Believing, in the midst of our afflictions,
    That death is a beginning, not an end,
    We cry to them and send
    Farewells, that better might be called predictions,
    Being foreshadowings of the future, thrown
    Into the vast Unknown.

    Faith overleaps the confines of our reason.
    And if by faith, as in old times was said.
    Women received their dead
    Raised up to life, then only for a season
    Our partings are, nor shall we wait in vain
    Until we meet again!

  6. A Hymn Of Resignation
    Poet: T. Warsaw Williams

    Oh, weep no more for the days that are fled,
    For the hours that return no more;
    Oh, mourn no more for the friends that are dead,
    For the loved ones who've gone before:
    For the days must flee as old Time rolls on,
    And the hours glide speedily by;
    With its dreams the friends of our youth have flown,
    And the dearest of earth must die.

    Oh, sigh no more for the lost wasted years,
    For the seasons that pass'd far too soon;
    Oh, grieve no more for the hopes drowned in tears,
    For the chances that missed wealth's boon:
    For our years are numbered, their seasons set,
    And the lessons of life we must learn;
    Though our hopes are blasted, they'll bloom out yet,
    And our fortunes at last will turn.

    So pine no more for the joys that are killed,
    For the pleasures that fail now to charm;
    And dream no more of the love that is chilled,
    Of the friendship no longer warm:
    For the joys of earth are fleet-footed and haste,
    And the pleasures that last only pale;
    If we love and friendship's rare sweetness taste,
    It is true we must drink their gall.

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