To Me Youíre All Around

Although we know it in our hearts where our loved ones have gone, sometimes grief makes us wonderful if perhaps you are closer than we originally thought. This poem plays with these ideas wondering if the ones we miss so dearly may be all around us or right in front of us.

When I remember you,
I pretend youíre all around.
You are the treeís above me,
As I sit down on the ground.

You are the clouds that move,
In the sky high above.
Their are many things you may be,
Could you be that flying dove?

I know in my heart you're in heaven,
Looking down as I look up.
But I also know youíre all around me,
Which is why you may be that pup.

Wondering if youíre these objects,
Makes me feel as if your still here.
I canít help but wish youíre still around me,
As you were always so very dear.
Julie Hebert

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