Milestone Birthday Poem

As we all grow up there are many milestones that we encounter especially when it comes to Birthdays. These poems discuss our birthday milestones and common themes associated with our different ages. Sometimes we can get too caught up in the number of an age, let your milestones be recognized as you live your life.

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  1. Once In A Lifetime
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    Birthdays at any age are meant to be engaged,
    But the first birthday we celebrate is certainly great.
    Our second until nine is fun for everyone,
    Double digits changes things, so many things it brings.

    Thirteen begins our teenage years, an exciting yet terrifying time.
    Sweet 16 is something sweet, so many friends to greet.
    Finally an adult at eighteen,
    Ready to leave behind your teens.

    A birthday at twenty is worth a whole lot plenty,
    But twenty-one sets the stage, a milestone of an age.
    Twenty-five through thirty-five, toasts can be very wordy,
    Forty and forty-five, almost at fifty.

    Looking forward to retirement at sixty and sixty-five,
    Seventy through to 90,
    Blessed to still be alive.
    One hundred, very accomplished.

    So much seen and done,
    This party cannot be overdone.
    No matter the age, no matter the time,
    You only get them once in a lifetime.

  2. Life isn't a matter of milestones, but of moments.

  3. Push It Ahead
    Poet: Tom S. Gold

    The first major milestone is 20 years of age
    But it doesn't seem to hit you at this stage

    Then the big three O hits
    And you realize it, you must admit.

    Forty hits you like a rock
    You are reminded by everyone that talks.

    When fifty hits for sure you push it ahead
    It is not so bad, at least you're not dead.

    Sixty comes rolling around so fast
    You wonder why the years don't last.

    And seventy seems to sneak up on you
    And you know before long eighty is due.

    But the one thing that happens each year
    The milestone doesn't seem as bad as you feared.

  4. Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead.

  5. No Regrets
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    What age is the milestone
    You ask your friend on the telephone
    You ask the question and they have to think
    "Maybe before we answer we should have a drink."

    It doesn't matter what we do
    You can't stop any age, that's true.
    So does it really matter what we think
    The years just roll by in a blink.

    So live it each day, be happy too
    Your dreams and goals do pursue
    Thank God above for each year
    Who really knows when the time is near.

    Don't waste your time feeling blue
    Keep moving, do not make it an issue
    Celebrate the birthdays and forget
    The milestones, have no regrets.

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