Christmas Poems For Kids

Sending Christmas poems to a child in your life may be the perfect way to wish them a very Merry Christmas. Believe in the magic of Christmas with them. It will help make their Christmas magical.

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  1. A Song Of Winter
    Poet: Emilie Poulsson

    Who'll sing a song of Winter,
    The snowy blowy Winter?
    Oh we will sing who love the sight
    Of earth bedecked with sparkling white.
    Well sing a song of Winter,
    White Winter.

    Wholl sing a song of Winter,
    The cold and stormy Winter?
    Oh we who laugh at cold and storm
    By jolly winter sports kept warm
    Well sing a song of Winter,
    Cold Winter.

    Sing all, sing all of Winter,
    The joyous, welcome Winter!
    For Winter rings the Christmas Chimes,
    Brings holidays and merry times
    Sing all, sing all for Winter,
    Gay Winter!

  2. The Christmas Tree
    Poet: M. N. Meigs

    There's a wonderful tree, a wonderful tree,
    The happy children rejoice to see,
    Spreading its branches year by year,
    It comes from the forest to flourish here;
    O ! this wonderful tree, with its branches wide,
    Is always blooming at Christmas-tide.

    'Tis not alone in the summer's sheen
    Its boughs are broad, and its leaves are green;
    It blooms for us when the wild winds blow,
    And earth is white with feathery snow;
    And this wonderful tree, with its branches wide,
    Bears many a gift for the Christmas-tide.

    'Tis all alight with its tapers' glow,
    That flash on the shining eyes below.
    And the strange sweet fruit on each laden bough
    Is all to be plucked by the gatherers now.
    Oh I this wonderful tree, with its branches wide,
    We hail it with joy at the Christmas-tide.

    And a voice is telling, its boughs among.
    Of the shepherds' watch and angels' song;
    Of a holy babe in a manger low,
    The beautiful story of long ago,
    Wben a radiant star threw its beams so wide,
    To herald the earliest Christmas-tide.

    Then spread thy branches, wonderful tree.
    And bring some dainty gift to me,
    And fill my heart with a burning love
    To Him who came from His home above
    From His beautiful home with the glorified.
    To give us the joys of the Christmas-tide.

  3. The Happiest Day
    Poet: Lucy P. Scott

    Do you know now, are you sure it is true,
    That the Happiest Day you ever knew,
    No matter what any one ever may say,
    Is just Christmas Day, darling Christmas Day.

    It's a beautiful Birthday too, you know,
    For once there was bom, a long time ago,
    A wee little baby, on that same day.
    And you can read how He liked to say

    That He loved little children just like you.
    And told them He'd help them to be good, too.
    How not to be naughty, nor have any fear,
    So that is why too, of all the long year.

    The Happiest, Nicest, Dear, Darlingest Day,
    Is Christmas Day, is Christmas Day!

  4. Hang Up The Baby's Stocking
    Poet: Unknown

    Hang up the babys stocking;
    Be sure that you dont forget
    The dear little dimpled darling
    He never saw Christmas yet.
    But I told him all about it,
    And he opened his big blue eyes,
    And Im sure he understood me,
    He looked so funny and wise.

    Dear, dear, what a tiny stocking!
    It doesnt take much to hold
    Such little pink toes as babys
    Away from the frost and cold.
    But then, for the babys Christmas,
    It never will do at all:
    Why, Santa Claus wont be looking
    For anything half so small.

    I know what well do for the baby
    I have thought of the very best plan
    We will borrow a stocking of grandma,
    The longest that ever we can,
    And you will hang it by mine, dear mother,
    Bight here in the corner - so -
    And write a letter to Santa,
    And fasten it on the toe.

    Write, "This is the babys stocking,
    That hangs in the corner here;
    You never have seen him, Santa,
    For he only came this year;
    But he is just the blessedest baby!
    And now, before you go,
    Just cram his stocking with goodies
    From the top clear down to the toe."

  5. Ready For Santa Claus
    Poet: Emilie Poulsson

    Everythings ready. Ive hung up my stocking,-
    There it hangs, empty and out in plain sight.
    Mother has cuddled me, singing and rocking,
    Told me a story and kissed me good-night.

    Oh, but the story she told me was shocking!
    Santa Claus didnt go anywhere near
    Jimmys - nor put the least thing in his stocking
    Cause Jimmy stayed awake watching. O dear!

    Everythings ready, for there hangs my stocking;-
    Only I know that I never can sleep!
    Wide-awake thoughts will come, flocking and flocking.
    Sandman, why do you away from me keep?

    Hark! . . . No, thats only the old clock tick-tocking;
    Reindeer would never make that kind of noise
    Oh! I can't sleep! . . . Theres a chair by my stocking
    Just in case Santa should bring some big toys.

    There! . . . Oh, thats Father, the doors he is locking;
    That wont keep Santa Claus out though, I know.
    Down through the chimney hell come to my stocking,
    Softly and softly, the way fairies go.

    Softly and softly, (its ready, my stocking),
    Softly and softly hell creep and hell creep
    Whats all that running and calling and knocking?
    Oh-h-h! See my stocking! I did go to sleep!

  6. I Know Your Listening
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    Sleighbells ring, I know youre listening.
    At least trying, not to fall asleep!
    But everyone knows, Santa doesnt come,
    To children who arent dreaming in their sleep.

    So close your eyes, and cover your ears.
    Think happy thoughts, or something you adore.
    The faster you sleep, morning will come,
    And it will Christmas morning once more.

    When you wake up, Santa would have left.
    But dont worry, you did not miss out.
    He would have left you lots of fun presents.
    Because Santa always goes all out!

    So quickly sleep, even though you are excited.
    Find a way, it will be worth it.
    Santa will come, I promise you that,
    Santa is no unintelligent misfit.

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