7 Easter Poems

Let these Easter poems remind us that Jesus died for our sins. And his resurrection is one that we can all rejoice in. Easter is a celebration of the risen Christ. Without Easter, Christians would have no hope. Hope is in the resurrected Jesus Christ who died for our sins. The most important day in the Christian calendar is Easter.

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  1. Song of Easter
    Poet: Celia Thaxter

    Sing, children, sing!
    And the lily censers swing;
    Sing that life and joy are waking and that Death no more is king.
    Sing the happy, happy tumult of the slowly brightening spring;
    Sing, Children, sing!

    Sing, children, sing!
    Winter wild has taken wing.
    Fill the air with the sweet tiding till the frosty echoes ring!
    Along the eaves the icicles no longer glittering cling:
    And the crocus in the garden lifts its bright face to the Sun,
    And in the meadows softly the brooks begin to run;
    And the golden catkins swing
    In the warm airs of the spring;
    Sing, little children, sing!

  2. Easter In Poetry
    Poet: Charles Hanson Toivne

    In every trembling bud and bloom
    That cleaves the earth, a flowery sword,
    I see Thee come from out the tomb,
    Thou risen Lord.

    Thou art not dead! Thou art the whole
    Of life that quickens in the sod;
    Green April is Thy very soul,
    Thou great Lord God

  3. The Easter Life
    Poet: Homera Hodgson

    Sing aloud the glorious tidings
    ''Christ is risen today!"
    Far and wide the echoes answer:
    "Death has lost its sway."

    Sing till in the breeze the message
    Sweeps around the earth;
    Sing till clouds and hills and forests
    Ring with holy mirth.

    Christ is risen, death is conquered:
    Tell it far and wide;
    Sing aloud till all creation
    Knows the Crucified.

    Sing aloud the Easter message;
    Live the message, too!
    By His Grace let Easter's triumph
    Show itself in you.

    Let His power and wonderous glory
    Fill your heart today;
    Live an Easter life at Easter
    Live an Easter life alway.

  4. An Easter Carol
    Poet: Frederick W. Neve

    The women to the garden came,
    Just as the sun arose in flame
    And lighted up the garden fair
    With flowers of beauty everywhere.

    But then a still more glorious sight
    Awaited them, for angels bright
    Within the sepulchre were seen
    Where Jesus' lifeless form had been.

    They fled with swiftly flying feet,
    Their news of gladness to repeat.
    "The Lord is risen; come and see."
    But they replied, "It cannot be."

    And yet they ran, because they knew
    The wondrous story might be true,
    And to the sepulchre they came,
    Not far off from the cross of shame.

    Empty, deserted, was the spot,
    The glorious angels saw they not,
    The linen clothes alone they saw.
    Which filled their minds with hope and awe.

    Then back unto their home they went,
    Still wondering what these marvels meant.
    And should they the glad tidings heed.
    That Christ the Lord was risen indeed.

  5. This is the gladness of our Easter morning

  6. The Day Of Joy
    Poet: Lucy Larcom

    This is the gladness of our Easter morning-
    That nothing now in all the world is dead,
    The roadside dust is tinted with forewarning
    Of heavenly verdure mortal feet shall tread...
    Continue reading The Day Of Joy

  7. At Easter Time
    Poet: Laura E.Richards

    The little flowers came through the ground,
    At Easter time, at Easter time:
    They raised their heads and looked around,
    At happy Easter time...
    Read more of At Easter Time

  8. An Easter Carole
    Poet: Christina Georgina Rossetti

    Spring bursts to-day,
    For Christ is risen and all the earth's at play.
    Flash forth, thou sun,
    The rain is over and gone, its work is done...
    Read the complete poem, An Easter Carole

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