5 Worry Poems

Be encouraged by these worry poems. Worry serves no good, it causes anxiety and stress, there truly is no benefit to worrying. May the verses in these poems remind you of this!

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  1. Consumed
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    As I lay my head and get ready for my slumber.
    It's then it holds me down, my mind totally encumbered.

    The thoughts that find me now, seem over-exaggerated at best.
    I know they aren't my truth, yet they keep me from my rest.

    They invade my tired mind, even though I push them away.
    Nothing keeps them from pushing through, creating total disarray.

    Minutes turn to hours, exhaustion sets right in.
    Of course that makes it worse, my worry has now spread within.

    I can't let this continue, the pressure is just too much.
    Besides, when has anyone ever heard, of worry acting like a crutch?

    It doesn't make us better, it doesn't help us out.
    It feeds the guilt inside us and brings us lots of doubt.

    We can't let worry consume us, or overstate our point of view.
    Most of what we worry about isn't even true.

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  3. Worry Has No Benefit
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Worry never solved a problem
    Often times it only made it grew.
    Worry never lets us see the positive
    It often distracts our view.

    Worry is a waste of time
    Taking action is what we can do
    Worry only brings us down
    There is no benefit for you.

  4. Life is too short for worry.  And too much worry will actually shorten your life. You may be encouraged by our poems on life that focus on living life to the fullest.

  5. Focus On Living
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    I sat and fretted and
    Wondered why.
    What if this happens
    Would I die?

    And if only I changed
    The things I do
    Would it work out
    I wonder too.

    I sit and worry
    And feel my energy sapped
    I thought so much
    I feel like I need a nap.

    Then I realized
    I was wasting time
    Wondering what if
    And tomorrow would I have a dime.

    Worry takes away
    All life has to offer
    There is no positive
    In fact, worry is like a monster.

    The best way to overcome
    Is to focus my mind
    on the positive and blessings
    I know I can find.

    Every time that negative thought
    Starts forming in my mind
    I will go out and help someone
    By being extra kind.

    I know I have the ability
    To control my own thinking
    I will not let worry be the focus
    I will focus on living!

  6. I will not let worry be the focus I will focus on living!
    Poems That Inspire

  7. Worry Today
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Worry today
    Have gray hair tomorrow
    The years of your life
    Worry will borrow.

    Worry today
    Will help start wrinkles that last
    It takes away your smiles
    It focuses on the past.

    Worry today
    Will clutter up your mind
    You will find no relief
    From worry of any kind.

    Change your thoughts today
    When worry comes don't let it stay
    Send it on down the road
    Do this and it will lighten your load!

  8. Need some positive thoughts on how to change, read our collection of
    quotes that inspire change
    quotes that inspire change to help you change your thoughts.

  9. A Solution
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    There is a solution to worry
    And it can bring a peace to you
    But people don't use it
    So they end up stressed and feeling blue.

    The solution you ask, well let me say
    Give your worries to God and then just pray
    God will give you a peace and you can
    Go on about your day.

    Always remember nothing is impossible
    For God who loves us all
    Never doubt His ability
    He never wants to see us fall.

    So next time you find yourself worrying
    Stop and talk to God,
    Tell Him all your troubles
    And leave it in His hands.

    Have faith that God loves you and does not want to see you consumed with worry and anxiety. You may also enjoy our collection of trust God poems.

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