5 Christmas Poems About Love

Christmas is about love, and these poems remind us that we all need to remember that during all the hussle and bussel of the crazy holiday season. Love is felt during the Christmas season more than any other time of the year.

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  1. Christmas Love
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    I have many ways to share my joy,
    For this season of joyful thoughts.
    I can write in a card, or email, or text,
    This world gives us many spots.

    My wishes to you at this festive time,
    Is for you to feel all this joy.
    Feel the love that surrounds you from family and friends,
    And the happiness from receiving a toy.

    No matter how you receive your Christmas wishes,
    May you be grateful for every one.
    May you be thankful for the time they took to write,
    Even if they dont write you a ton.

    Sometimes the craze of Christmas,
    Blinds us from gratefulness.
    It turns us into Scrooges and Grinches,
    Leaving only hatefulness.

    So during this Christmas season,
    Make love a priority.
    If we all do our part,
    Christmas love will be the majority.

  2. Mistletoe And Holly
    Poet: Alice R. Taggert

    The frost and snow of mistletoe.
    The warmth of holly berry.
    These I combine, O lady mine,
    To make thy yule-tide merry;
    And shouldst thou learn, sweet, to return
    My love, nor deem it folly,
    Twined in thy hair the snow fruit wear.
    And on thy breast the holly.

  3. This time of the year is spent in good cheer,  And neighbours together do meet To sit by the fire, with friendly desire,  Each other in love to greet; Old grudges forgot are put in the pot. All sorrows aside they lay; The old and the young doth carol this song To drive the cold winter away.

  4. The Christmas Service
    Poet: Unknown

    Hark! the Christmas bells are ringing -
    Ringing through the frosty air -
    Happiness to each one bringing.
    And release from toil and care.

    How the merry peal is swelling
    From the gray old crumbling tower,
    To the simplest creature telling
    Of Almighty love and power.

    Ankle-deep the snow is lying.
    Every spray is clothed in white,
    Yet abroad the folk are hying.
    Brisk and busy, gay and light.

    Now fresh helps and aid are offered
    To the aged and the poor.
    And rare love exchanges proffered
    At the lowliest cottage door.

    Neighbors shaking hands and greeting,
    No one sorrowing, no one sad,
    Children, loving parents meeting.
    Young and old alike are glad.

    Then while Christmas bells are ringing,
    Rich and poor, your voices raise,
    And - your simple carol singing -
    Waft to heaven your grateful praise.

  5. Just Us Two
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    Peace, joy, and love,
    Is what I wish for you.
    On this Christmas morning,
    When we are together just us two.

    Id make this Christmas perfect,
    If I could for you.
    You deserve the very best Christmas,
    Because I love that's so true!

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