5 Retirement Poems For Friends

Many friendships are developed at work. Use these retirement poems when your friends retire. While we will miss them we are also happy for them and can't wait to join them in retirement. Or perhaps we have already retired and they are now joining us for fun filled days of life as a retiree. It is important to realize that friendship does not have to end because of a retirement - a true friendship will remain long after the person no longer works.

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  1. Hopeful Beginnings
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    My friend, the day has come
    For you to retire
    I wrote this little poem for you
    To send you wishes that are true:

    May your life be just starting,
    May only good find its way.
    May your thoughts be happy and joyful,
    And may you feel blessed every day.

    May the things you need find you,
    May your wants be yours someday.
    May your relations be strong and true,
    For you these things I pray.

    May you see the good in everything,
    May you find humor when you need it.
    May your faults not define you,
    But give you a strong and happy spirit.

    May you love with all your heart,
    May all around you feel this true.
    May your life be filled with greatness,
    And may happiness be in your view.

  2. Retirement is the start of your life. Live as if every moment counts, because, it does!

  3. Forever And A Day
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Friend, we have been forever and a day
    And now you are retiring what can I say.
    You can sleep in every morning
    You can wear the same clothing.

    You can still come and meet me
    And we can have coffee
    You can tell me what it feels like
    To retire and not worry about strike.

    The days will no longer be filled with work
    But you still have us, your network
    We look forward to your calls
    We will tell you about work and its downfalls.

    Work will not be the same
    Without you around who are we to blame
    Seriously, my friend, you will be missed
    We wish you well with new interests.

  4. Congratulations
    Poet: Tom S. Gold

    Congratulations to day is the day
    You join the retirement way.
    You are going to love this new life
    No more work and no more strife.

    My friend we can do the things
    That to us happiness brings
    I am so happy for you
    Can't wait to see what you do.

  5. May your retired life allow you to live your life and pursue all the things that you never had the time to do when you were working.

  6. A New Stage
    Poet: Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Retirement is a new stage
    It doesn't mean you have aged.
    You see, my friend
    Retirement is not the end.

    It is the beginning of something new
    Every day can be an adventure too
    So enjoy this stage that life brings
    A time to do your own thing!

  7. Off Into The Sunset
    Poet: Tom S. Gold

    All the years we have worked together
    I can think of nothing better
    Than off into the sunset you go
    Oh, my friend, your happiness shows.

    So with these retirement days
    We will find a way
    To still be friends and do the things
    That life without work will bring.

    Our friendship will always be
    Treasured and fun to every degree
    Retirement changes nothing
    Except no work, just living.

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