10 Poems To Mother In Heaven

Writing and reading poems to Mother in Heaven can be a cathartic way to express the emotions of grief, love, and longing. We hope these poems give you comfort and peace that you will see your Mother again in heaven.

Losing your mother is one of the most profound losses one can experience in life. No matter how much time passes, the love and memories of a mother never fade away.

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  1. To Mother In Heaven
    Poet: Leila Mae Wilson

    I miss you my mother, my mother.
    Tho’ earth is so bright and so fair,
    Tho’ June has come romping in splendor,
    With sunshine and roses so rare.

    I miss you, my mother, my mother.
    But over the river’s deep gloom,
    I know it is Junetide forever,
    And fadeless and fair is the bloom.

    I miss you, my mother, my mother.
    The touch of your dear, loving hand.
    The breath of your kiss on my forehead,
    The tear I could best understand.

    I miss you, my mother, my mother.
    In fancy I still hear you call;
    From out of the shadows and silence,
    I catch your soft footsteps light fall.

    I miss you, my mother, my mother.
    Your words and your sweet tender smile.
    Your dear little tender caresses,
    The shadows of life to beguile.

    I miss you, my mother, my mother.
    But death will not linger too long.
    He’ll call me at last o’er the river,
    To dwell with the sanctified throng.

    To miss you, my mother, my mother.
    No more in that beautiful place,
    But dwell in your presence forever,
    And share in your heavenly grace.

  2. Mother Mine
    Poet: Roden Noel

    It may be, mother mine, when you departed,
    White and silent, that you did not wholly go,
    Never left your children broken-hearted,
    Help them more, are nearer than they know.
    And your remembered tones are more than music.
    More than day the memory of your smile;
    Clear from all the cadences of sorrow.
    May I hear them, and behold them in a little while!

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  4. Mother Dear!
    Poet: E. Nesbit Bland

    Since you were tired and went away
    We've brought you flowers every day,
    Now through your grass live daisies peer,
    O mother, mother dear!

    They say you are not very far.
    But since we cry we know you are;
    We should not cry if you were near,
    O mother, mother dear!

    Mother, you know we sometimes cry
    In the dark night, we don't know why;
    You would not let us cry for fear,
    O mother, mother dear!

    We think perhaps you did not know
    Your little children loved you so.
    Or you would not have left them here,
    O mother, mother dear!

    If we are good we think that then
    Perhaps you will come back again;
    Come in a week - a month - a year,
    O mother, mother dear!

    O mother, mother, come to-day!
    Why did you ever go away?
    We are so tired of being here
    Without you, mother dear!

  5. We'll Meet Again
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    My mother, taken too soon from me,
    But I can feel her in my heart through eternity.
    Her legacy is left here for us to carry on,
    I know she’ll be my guiding star ‘til the break of dawn.

    Memories linger ever so sweet and dear,
    Though still I find myself shedding tears.
    We’ll meet again in Heaven one day,
    Until then I will reflect on the love she had sent my way.

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  7. Thinking Of Mother
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    When I think of the mother I've loved,
    One of hope, grace, and strength.
    I feel a sadness so deep, it knows no bounds.
    Her passing leaves me empty and longing.
    No more hugs, no more smiles will I know.
    My mother is in heaven's abode,
    Which was God's promise to those He loves.
    Though my heart aches for her here on Earth,
    This gives me comfort that she's at peace above.

  8. Lives In Heaven
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    My mother lives in Heaven now,
    I long to see her smiling face;
    A glimpse of her I'll never find -
    But in my heart, she has a place.

    For her, I will continue on,
    Carrying the legacy she's made.
    Though we must remain apart,
    In thought and deed, she is not far away.

    Her love and joy will ever remain,
    Within me, like a guiding star.
    For that I am so grateful, for though gone from sight -
    I never forget who I am for: My mother's in heaven tonight.

  9. In God's Presence
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Though you are no longer with us here,
    In God's presence, you are near.
    Your love and warmth I still feel,
    Knowing one day, our spirits will seal.

    Heavenly reunion, my heart does crave,
    But for now, memories of you I'll save.
    Rest in peace, dear mom, until we meet again,
    In God's presence, find eternal joy to sustain.

  10. In this poem, In God's Presence, the Poet expresses that despite the physical absence of their Mom, they feel the presence of their Mom in God's realm. The Poet looks forward to the day they see their Mom again in heaven, and they have joy that even though they miss her they know where she is.

  11. Living With The King
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    My mother’s life beheld a fraction,
    A stunningly beautiful song,
    Full of grace and blessed passion,
    To which all angels now sing along.

    The sweetest love she did create –
    So much love it had to soar;
    Though I miss her with ache and wait,
    I know in Heaven she must adore.

    God’s arms hold her there with peace,
    His hands tucked beneath her wings;
    He wraps her ‘round with perfect ease,
    In heaven, she is living with the King.

  12. Above The Clouds
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Riding high above the clouds,
    Miss you, Mom, I think of you so loud.
    My tears are free like a river tide,
    Oh, how I long to be by your side.

    In my heart, you will always remain,
    Until that day that I meet again.
    Then we’ll look down at the earth below,
    Our forever love eternally aglow.

  13. In my heart, you will always remain, Until that day that I meet again.
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  14. Mama In Heaven
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Mama in Heaven, your love I recall,
    my heart is so happy to remember it all.
    Your gentle arms, always there for me,
    the bond of our love will forever be.

    I whisper softly and look up above,
    I know you’re always nearby with lots of love.
    Though you are gone the sky's crystal blue,
    I remember our time here and the bond that was true.

    Beloved Mama in Heaven now high in the sky,
    sending my joys, my sorrows, and a loving goodbye.

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