10 Poems About Determination

Poems about determination that encourage you to draw on the determination within you, letting your determination serve as a guiding light during challenging times. With determination comes resilience and perseverance, to overcome obstacles.

The poems give us inspiration and encouragement to push forward, never give up on our dreams, and embrace the strength within us. Let these poems about determination remind us that our potential knows no bounds and that with unwavering dedication, we can conquer anything that comes our way.

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  1. Steady Steps
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    With steady steps, my feet move forth
    Going thru trials that will test my worth
    Obstacles loom, trying to defeat
    But self-confidence plants my feet

    Determination fuels my zest
    I rise above and seek no rest
    My spirit soars above the clouds
    I know I'll finish above the crowds.

  2. Determination Fuels Our Journey
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    To succeed, an action plan and goal we must set,
    With determination alive, we move forward, never fret.
    Step by step, regardless of obstacles we face,
    Our resolve remains unwavering, never losing pace.

    Determination fuels our journey, keeping us strong,
    As we stick to our path, no matter how long.
    A solid action plan guides our every move,
    Ensuring progress and success we continually prove.

    Remember, success begins with that first step taken,
    Each milestone reached, our determination unshaken.
    Roadblocks and obstacles may try to impede,
    But with determination and focus, we will succeed.

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  4. With Determination
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Determination is others' dismay,
    Springing forth without hamper.
    Over the top and thru the hay
    It guides me forever, with no dismay.

    With each action, I gain strength,
    And overcome without doubts.
    With determination beyond all lengths,
    I conquer all that sprouts.

  5. Determination's Breath
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In the realm where dreams softly reside,
    It takes resolve, unwavering and tried,
    Not just to embark on a journey grand,
    But to stay the course amidst shifting sand.

    For the question is not if you shall start,
    But if perseverance shall fill your heart,
    Will you brave hurdles, unyielding and vast?
    Or falter midway, succumbing to the past?

    Determination's breath fuels success' fire,
    Igniting dreams with an undying desire.

  6. Determination Is An Action
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Determination, a force that drives us all,
    An action strong, when ambition calls.
    Wishing and wanting won't pave the way,
    Only through hard work can dreams see the light of day.

    With steadfast resolve, we forge our own fate,
    Ignoring distractions, excuses to abate.
    Serious it may be, this quest to succeed,
    For determination is an action that you need.

  7. Ordinary To Extraordinary
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In the realm of ordinary souls,
    Resides an extraordinary drive,
    Born from determination's core,
    Success and dreams they dare revive.

    Through trials that tend to break,
    They march ahead, strong and bold.
    With perseverance as their guide,
    Ordinary people carve stories untold.

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  9. Steadfast And True
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    God's determination is steadfast and true,
    His love and grace reach out to me and you.
    No sinner is too lost, no soul too far gone,
    The offer of salvation forever shone.

    He braves the depths, scales the highest peaks,
    Endless pursuit for those who seek.
    For in His eyes we are all equal,
    Redemption's promise remains irresistible.

  10. Determination & Persistence
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Underestimating persistence is brainless folly,
    For determination is always jolly.
    Like a trolley that keeps on trucking,
    Persistence pushes against ducking.

    It squashes all obstacles in its way,
    Making sure to reach its goal without delay.
    So never give up, no matter how tough,
    Determination and persistence is always enough.

  11. never give up, no matter how tough, determination and persistence is always enough.
    Determination Quotes

  12. Determination Reigns
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In the face of trials, determination reigns,
    A force that ignites fires despite pains.
    It fuels the spirit, unwavering and bold,
    Seeking victory, against all odds it holds.

    With each stumbling step and darkened path,
    Determination guides, eliminating wrath.
    Through gritted teeth and relentless strife,
    It conquers any challenge, shaping life.

  13. Keep Going
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In darkness, a journey unknown,
    When paths are rugged and overgrown,
    When doubts weigh heavy upon thy chest,
    Hold steady, my heart, for this is the test.

    Though veils obscure the finish line from view,
    A beacon burns bright where hope rings true.
    Believe, dear soul, it exists without despair,
    With unyielding spirit, keep going to get there.

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