6 Wish You Were Here Poems

There are many times in our lives that the thought, I wish you were here, crosses our minds. Let these poems bring comfort and thoughts about our loved ones on longer with us.

During these times it brings a little sadness knowing that our loved ones are not with us, but a little gladness knowing that they too would be wishing they were there. Whether you are the person wishing for things to be different, or someone you know, read these poems for inspiration and remembrance for people who cannot be with us during an important time in our life.

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  1. Stairway To Heaven
    Poet: Unknown

    If tears could build a stairway,
    And memories a lane,
    I'd walk right up to Heaven
    And bring you home again.

  2. Without You
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    Today I canít find you,
    Iíve finally realize your gone.
    I wish I would have stayed asleep,
    As now Iím sure youíve passed on.

    My life without you is different,
    Not one I thought I would live.
    I always thought youíd be with me,
    But now I guess it's a give.

    So help me to be without you,
    Help me to understand why.
    Is life without you my future?
    I wish I could have said bye.

    Iíll be okay without you,
    Lots of people have said.
    But Iím not so sure I believe them,
    Without you is really a misread.

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  4. Were I To Wish
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Were I to wish in a moment of grief,
    That one who was taken come back to relieve,
    Though life can be cruel, and death, too unjust,
    Would all my sorrows away be put to rust?

    Perhaps to know peace would give a reprieve,
    For this ache that pierces my heart like a cleave.
    But time is relentless and pain inevitable,
    This parting forever no comfort is preferable.

    So instead of my wishes, I'll send up a prayer,
    Rejoicing for moments we shared everywhere.

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  6. The Father's House
    Poet: F. L. Hosmer

    I cannot think of them as dead,
    Who walk with me no more;
    Along the path of life I tread
    They have but gone before.

    The Father's house is mansioned fair
    Beyond my vision dim;
    All souls are his, and here or there
    Are living unto him.

    And still their silent ministry
    Within my heart hath place,
    As when on earth they walked with me
    And met me face to face.

    Their lives are made forever mine;
    What they to me have been
    Hath left henceforth its seal and sign
    Engraven deep within.

    Mine are they by an ownership
    Nor time nor death can free;
    For God hath given to Love to keep
    Its own eternally.

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  8. I Pray
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    I pray that someday I wonít miss you as much,
    I pray that someday my pain wonít be a crutch.
    I pray that someday I will no longer look in the crowd,
    Looking to see if you are one of the ones who looked proud.

    I pray that someday I wonít wish you were here.
    Although that will never be true, I always wish you were here.
    I pray that someday I will see you again,
    I pray this because I love you, Amen.

  9. I pray that someday I will see you again

  10. Passing Away
    Poet: Unknown

    The fragrance of the rose,
    Whose dewy leaves in morning's light unclose,
    Goes not more sweetly up
    From its rich heart, as from an incense cup,
    Than thy freed spirit from its earthly shrine
    Passed with the still angel to the rest divine.

    Oh no! Thou didst not die!
    Thou hast but lain the soul's frail vesture by,
    And soared to that pure height
    Where day serene is followed by no night,
    And where the discipline of mortal woe
    No shadow over thee can ever throw.

    Death never comes to such
    With chillness in the mystery of his touch:
    They gently pass away
    As melts the morning star in golden day;
    They leave the places they have known below,
    And through the white gates of the morning go.

    We would not call thee back
    To the frail flowers that wither on our track,
    Perhaps to have thy feet
    Pierced by the thorns that we so often meet:
    For thou art in that fairer world than ours
    Where love mourns not the fading of the flowers.

    Why should we weep for thee
    When thy pure soul from every ill is free?
    Our only tears should flow
    For those, the loved, who linger still below,
    From whom the light of thy dear smile is fled,
    Who feel indeed that thou art with the dead.

    We know the gloomy grave
    Holds not the spirit which our Father gave;
    That loving, lustrous light,
    That made the sphere in which it moved so bright,
    Is shining with a clear and quenchless flame.
    Rekindled at the source from whence it came.

    Thou art not dead! For death
    Can only take away the mortal breath;
    And life, commencing here.
    Is but the prelude to its full career;
    And Hope and Faith the blest assurance give -
    "We do not live to die! We die to live! "

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