May God Bless You

Sending wishes for many blessings in your marriage on your wedding day is essentially the meaning of this poem. Write this poem in a card or use it in a gift. This could also be used as a toast or speech to the happy couple.

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Weddings are a perfect time,
To share with those you love,
The person who fills you with so much joy,
And receive a blessing from the Man above.

May God bless you with everything you need,
For a marriage strong and true.
May He bless you with patience galore,
A marriage is in need of this too.

May God bless you with a love you've never seen,
A love meant to last.
May He bless you with a sense of humor,
To introvene during life's overcast.

May God bless you with certain abilities,
To help you learn to compromise and share.
May He bless you will communication skills,
To create the best married pair.
Julie Hebert

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