10 Love For Mom Poems

There are many ways to express love for Mom. Read our poems for verses that you can send her in an email or in a card. We should always express our love for our Mothers at every opportunity that we can. Think about how much love she has given you over the years!

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  1. Tenderest Love
    Poet: L. M. Montgomery

    Dear beacon of my childhood's day,
    The lodestar of my youth,
    A mingled glow of tenderest love
    And firm, miswerving truth,
    I've wandered far o'er east and west,
    'Neath many stranger skies,
    But ne'er I've seen a fairer light
    Than that in mother's eyes.

    In childhood when I crept to lay
    My tired head on her knee.
    How gently shone the mother-love
    In those dear eyes on me:
    And when in youth my eager feet
    Roamed from her side afar.
    Where'er I went that light divine
    Was aye my guiding star.

    In hours when all life's sweetest buds
    Burst into dewy bloom,
    In hours when cherished hopes lay dead.
    In sorrow and in gloom;
    In evening's hush, or morning's glow.
    Or in the solemn night.
    Those mother eyes still shed on me
    Their calm, unchanging light.

  2. Our Love Will Never Fade
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Mom, our love for you will never fade,
    In our hearts, a bond that's never swayed.
    Through thick and thin, you're always there,
    A love so deep, beyond compare.

    Your love's a light that brightens our way,
    Guiding us through each and every day.
    With open arms, you embrace us tight,
    Filling our lives with pure delight.

    Mom, you're the center of our universe,
    Our love for you, an eternal verse.
    Forever grateful for the love you've shown,
    In our hearts, your love is truly known.

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  4. In The Afterglow
    Poet: Flora S. Rivola

    Mother o' mine, in the afterglow
    Of mothering years, I love you so;
    For loving me e'er life I knew,
    When next your heart a new life grew,
    Loving me on into fair childhood,
    When I so little understood
    The long, hard way we all must go
    Mother o' mine, I love you so.

    Mother o' mine, in the afterglow
    Of motherhood's years, I thank you so
    For gifts to me from out of your heart.
    At thoughts that rise my hot tears start;
    God give me ways to make you know
    How great is my love before you go
    Away to rest from your mothering;
    I would remove life's every sting.
    And give you rest in the afterglow,
    For, Mother o' mine, I love you so.

  5. Our Mother
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Our mother, our guiding star
    Whose love shines bright both near and far
    Her voice is music to our ears
    And her embrace can conquer fears

    So let us sing our Mother's praise
    For all the ways she lights our days
    We are grateful for her every breath
    We love her always, as she's the best.

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  7. My Mother
    Poet: Unknown

    St. Leon raised his kindling eye,
    And lifted sparkling cup on high.
    "I drink to one", he said,
    Whose memory never may depart,
    Deep graven on this grateful heart.
    Till memory be dead;

    "To one, whose love for me shall last.
    When lighter passions long have passed,
    So holy 'tis and true;
    To one whose love hath longer dwelt.
    More deeply fixed, more keenly felt,
    Than any pledged by you."

    St. Leon paused, as if he would
    Not breathe her name in careless mood,
    Thus lightly to another;
    Then bent his noble head, as though
    To give that word the reverence due,
    And gently said, "My Mother!"

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  9. My Mother!
    Poet: George P. Morris

    My Mother! At that holy name
    Within my bosom there is a gush
    Of feeling, which no time can tame,
    A feeling, which, for years of fame,
    I would not, could not crush!

  10. We Find Strength
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In your love, Mom, we find our strength,
    A love that spans immeasurable length.
    Your caring heart, a guiding star,
    Leading us wherever we are.

    Through laughter and tears, you're always near,
    Comforting us with words so dear.
    With every sacrifice you make,
    Our love for you, no bounds can break.

    Mom, you're the epitome of love's embrace,
    In our hearts, you hold a special place.
    Forever cherished, forever adored,
    Our love for you, Mom, will forever soar.

  11. Mother Of Mine
    Poet: E. G.

    Mother of mine, I see your face in every crowded street.
    My heart is light when I recall your features kind and sweet.
    I long to hear your voice again, and see your face divine,
    I send with this my heart's best love. Mother,
    Mother of mine.

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  13. How We Love Thee
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Our dear mother, oh how we love thee,
    Even when you make us drink that nasty herbal tea.
    You always know just what to say,
    To brighten up even our darkest days.

    Your cooking skills are truly grand,
    Although sometimes we don't understand,
    Why you insist on adding kale to everything,
    But we'll eat it all and still your praises sing.

    So here's to you, dear mother of ours,
    You bring sunshine to our gloomiest hours.
    We may not always show it, but rest assured,
    We love you more than any spoken word.

  14. We may not always show it, but rest assured, We love you more than any spoken word.

  15. The Ways Of Love
    Poet: Unknown

    The ways of love and tenderness
    Are never out of style;
    Remember this and tell her so -
    Don't wait till after a while.
    Let not affection wane with years;
    It waneth not for you.
    Go, put your arms around her now -
    Kiss her as you used to do.

    Life does not hold enough of years
    In which we can repay
    A mother's love - but do your best
    Before she goes away.

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